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30 April 2014


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Keith, will we have a representative from the National Library as a guest at our next Crocfest?

We don't have an invitation list yet, but that's a good suggestion - KJ

Good news. The 11 boxes of my books on PNG which I sent up to the National Library in Moresby earlier in the year have arrived safely and are much appreciated.

If anyone hears of books on PNG being thrown out please tell them to send them to me Barbara Short at 27 Chesterfield Rd Epping, 2121 Sydney and I will ship them up to the National Library of PNG.

I'm willing to cover the shipping cost. Or you can do it yourself. Just contact me on and I will give you the details.

The National Library are responsible for distributing books to other libraries, including school libraries throughout PNG. They would appreciate books on PNG.

For this Lifetime Achievement category of the 2014 Crocodile Prize, I nominate Sir Paulias Matane.

When considering literary fame in PNG, Matane is known across the land as the figure with more books than anyone else. This is influence and there are dozens who know Matane as an author.

For example, I learned about Dr Steven Winduo as having written books when I arrived at UPNG in 2003; back home I only knew him as a writer of one of his short stories 'Moments in Melanesia' (compiled by Regis Stella).

I believe we need consider 'literary fame' for who this figure should be to 'drive influence' on people where there could be high probability to drive the will power to the young writer.

Well done and thank you to all the willing sponsors for the 2014 Crocodile Prize.

Your support speaks volumes on the quality of people involved in your organisations.

We are all taking part of PNG history - literally writing it!

All six categories fully sponsored - this feels righteous!

I have finally taken up the revered task of creating a bit of publicity for the Crocodile Prize on the University of PNG campus.

I have the flyer on my door and on our notice boards. Will give some of the flyers to student service tomorrow for as many students to see and try their hands.

Great to be linking this as I believe it will encourage them to write, and in the process improve their ability to express themselves better.

You may never know, there may be just a few Steven Winduos or Russell Soabas among them.

Thanks for this initiative, John. If other readers want to access the flyer, you can find it here - KJ

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