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02 April 2014


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Ralph - indeed yes.

I do note however, that quite a few who "couldn't go back to their own county, for fear of death", have opted to return, after finding out that they have no chance of being resettled in Australia.--- curious. Economic refugees no?

I have no problem with the refugees burning the centre down. Give them hammers, saws, chisels, etc., and as much building materials as they require. Maybe then, they would then feel ownership of THEIR centre.

Also. Shouldn't it be their job to keep the centre clean. If I were living there I would organize a committee, and start organising groups to be responsible for the various areas. ie. (Ablution Blocks, kitchen/s, etc.)

Just as the POWs did in the various prison camps. Shouldn't be beyond their skills. Besides. If one is busy, one does not have time to cause trouble. I wonder if the Koran has a similar parable about that, as does the Bible.


There are quite rightly serious concerns about the death of this person. However if an article is to be taken seriously then leave out irrelevant and untruthful embellishments.

For example "Fox told ABC listeners of filthy toilets and shower blocks". Imagine if the kids told mum the toilet was filthy what would be the response. "You created the mess clean it up yourself"!

It has also been stated the person concerned was a tertiary qualified member of a wealthy family seeking financial opportunity in Australia.

I do not suggest that in any way justifies his death. However using the emotive term "Iranian asylum seeker" is distorting the argument.

Maybe the UN could send a team to investigate. Someone, who is not biased either way, needs to investigate what happened during the riot when Barati was killed.

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