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11 April 2014


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Monia, yalkera, I am very pleased to know that you have at least brought that very honourable deportar knowledge that all know co-exists in our native friends the Golme, uri Eri -all the way towards Keri and some few tribes further on.

I am true son of Kimil and found your research was reasonable as we all grew together during the heyday and today we are brothers and sisters everywhere when we meet and I see that they left their place of birth for purpose and I salute them because today we share goodies.

Why should you go back to South Simbu; so stay where you are and we enjoy.


That's should make a great saga. Someone ought to write a book on the subject!

Angra, welcome and write more.

Wisunga, the lizards and snakes have moved in and made their huts at Mekul, Bolum and the rest of our tribal lands. The few boys that remain on our tribal lands are begging people to come back home via night courtship songs with innocent playful virgins.

The drink from fresh streams, have fresh garden produce and sleep peacefully in the night. Tell them to come back home and walk around with their tails up.

Mokia back home has bought more cars than those Galkope of the diaspora. Ikil is the best place to be, just pack up and return.

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