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11 April 2014


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That's why I asked the question.

I think PNG Attitude holds a high moral ground in social media.

It is the many other social media contributors within PNG that a lot of us don't read or hear about that may be causing the angst.

And is Martyn's blog really a threat?

Don, has a good point.

The way PNG Blogs wrote about the Unitech saga was distasteful to me.

The contributors made respectable people in government look like shit.

PNG Attitude is doing well, compliments to KJ. That is why PNG Attitude is bookmarked on my Firefox and Chrome browsers respectively.

If you have personal opinions which might be deem as defamatory about the PM or whoever keep it to yourself or your inner circle of friends.

But if you have facts with evidence that were proven in the court of law than by all means call a spade a spade.

Francis Nii said the same thing when he commented on his article.

Some resources -

Tiffany is being a bit hypocritical in acting for the Government in these proceedings, considering how she was previously hounded by the Somare regime for her actions.

The Government will need some serious technical know-how to implement this. Tracking down ip addresses, filtering access, persuading sites in other jurisdictions to take them seriously etc.

Mind you they probably have the equipment to do this via centralised control of the Tiare gateway, and Telekom's monopoly on Vsat links. I'm sure Huawei can help - having supplied similar equipment to China - and ASIS have vast experience in this area, having hacked the phones of the Indonesian President and his wife. They'd be willing to help - for a political price.

But this won't necessarily succeed if bloggers are using off-shore hosting sites which most do, spoof or hide their ip adresses, and use encrypted links (eg. HTTPS, TOR etc.) And how can the Government force people to use real IDs on-line?

There was a web site called Masalai I Tokaut which exposed corruption in the logging industry which the PNG Government and other interests tried at length to track down, but to no avail.

So for every attempt to control things, there will always be ways around.

While defamation has existing laws which can be used (as Noel and Sonia are about to find out), surveillance of all on-line activity is indeed a sinister attempt by the Government to stifle dissent.


Crackman the Third.

I think this may be a 'blessing in disguise'.

Bloggers, whether critics or commentators, should accept the challenge to be more responsible with and for their words, avoid slander, rumour mongering, and racist or hate speech.

As long as any defamation suits arising from the proposed new law is paid for by the complainant (MPs & bureaucrat) and not using tax payers money to rich law firms, because this can easily deplete five years worth of national budget funds if the MPs and public service fat cats start using tax payers money to file suits against every social media critic.

Personally I have observed some bloggers use emotional language to make down-right slanderous accusations so this law may guide them to stick to issues whist avoiding 'psyching up' a gullible audience who lack analytic assessment skills of social media information.

PNG Attitude's editorial policies are worth referring to in this context - KJ

Is it so that we Attitude readers are shielded from the excesses of extravagant comment that perhaps characterises "defamatory" content flung about on PNG cyberspace?

How much of the intended intrusion in PNG social media is born of genuine concern for unregulated and cruel comment vs dictatorial crack-down by power hungry pollies?

PNG Attitude's editorial policies are on the blog. They're frank and fair, and we stick to them -

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