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21 April 2014


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We've seen this sort of disgusting comment on social media before; I think you were once subjected to it too Lydia.

What bothers me is, because the PM has seen fit to launch a defamation action, intelligent commentators like Martyn Namorong are now running scared and shutting down their blogs. That can't be good for PNG.

Surely it would have been better for the PM to simply issue a warning and then get the police to go after the actual people writing the rubbish and the bloggers silly enough to reproduce it?

His over reaction seems to be a classic case of throwing the baby out with the bath water. He has unnecessarily escalated the issue and alarmed people with the way he is handling it.

Maybe the bloggers need to get together and come up with a voluntary code of practise. The PM could easily facilitate it.

If I was Peter O'Neill and my leadership was right on track for the good of my people and country, I could not consider any thing written or said about me as 'defamation' but rather take them as my stepping stones to work hard and lead the country.

People react since they do not want correction, guidance, etc.

Activism is good as far as it goes when there is objectivity and fairness in it. And it must be backed by integrity and substance.

Some activism turn to translate into opportunism riding on the emotions and ignorance of the masses in this country.

Sometimes this can insult the intelligence of clear thinking Papua New Guineans. When that happens so called activists themselves need to come under the scrutiny of other Papua New Guineans.

Look at how people in other countries provide objective comments and criticisms without defaming or assassinating characters of their leaders.

Let Noel Anjo face the court and only then clear his name. He should not expect the sympathies of the masses or their support. Because some of his activism I am afraid has bordered on opportunism.

That's my cut.

Perhaps you should read the defamatory material before passing judgement on PM O'Neill or Tiffany; it was beyond disgusting. I would challenge anyone who had a mother, to say wouldn't have also sued them for what they said and published.

Phil, for the offering of copious quantities of the glittering stuff.

Where there is a Master, there is a Disciple. That is the way of the Sith.

When did Tiffany Twivey cross to the Darkside?

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