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21 April 2014


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So what about the Police force and Ombudsman Commission?

Can't the PNG government do "extensive maintenance" on these two organisations instead of forming new organisations that duplicate their jobs such as Task Force Sweep & ICAC?

What is so difficult here?

I would like to suggest some lawyers well versed with all three organisations spell out the individual job descriptions for the public to consume.

All the grandiose names of new organisations is sending the message to the general public that the government is doing something about reducing corruption when it is not I think.

It is obvious, from what has taken place in Sydney lately, that an ICAC can have great powers to detect any bribery and collusion of people in power that exploits Public money.

Politicians and lawyers of PNG, who want to rid the country of all this corruption, need to study what has been taking place in Sydney over the past few years.

It has a lot to do with politicians trying to secure money for the promotion of their political party.

I think this may be one of the types of corruption taking place in PNG. Once they have taken the bribe they feel obliged to give government contracts to these people who have been bribing them.

I agree with Gov. Juffa that PNG will need strong, honest, independent, intelligent people to run your ICAC and their job will not be easy.

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