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01 April 2014


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Understood Francis.

"Even a criminal loves his children" eh?

But I am less eager to gamble the future of PNG any further.

I believe that a leaders track record should stand for itself

It is not for us to be always giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Leaders should be able to provide us the reasonable assurances we need in an uncertain world. Life is a risk, leaders don't have to make it any worse.

If we continue to expect low value leaders, we will get low value leaders.

We raise the bar, not them. They will do whatever it takes to survive.

I am pro-PNG.

Michael, I thought you would say that and even others who have been thinking that I am Pro O'Neill because of some of my writings.

For records, I don't have any political affiliation nor do I favour any one politician.

I acknowledge and give credit to whoever I think is deserving it and condemn the villain.

It is easy to be critical about the bad side of someone or something but being always negative isn't good. Sometimes we have got acknowledge the positive side of things as well.

I thought you would say that Michael, and others who have been thinking that I am Pro O'Neill would think the same.

For records I don't favour any politician. All I do is acknowledging good policies and condemning the villains and their misdemeanor instead of being always negative. I believe in fairness.

Francis - finally.

Principle: Follow the laws whether you understand them or not; they were made for your own good, whether you like them or not.

Action: August 2011 we trample on the constitution.

Outcome: We no longer have a constitutional democracy. We only have the appearance of a democracy.

Welcome to O'Neillian reality.

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