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01 April 2014


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Merci beaucoup mon ami.

"They are as tall as coconut trees, but so skinny!"

I loved the bit where the security guards at the Hagen Show wouldn't let the white girls in (as they were not PNGn).

So the Huli's devised a cunning plan. They formed a huddle with the French girls in the middle and danced in! Security couldn't stop them.

The old men fell in love with the girls, the girls fell in love with the PNG Highlands and its people, and there was much crying and sadness when they departed.

A truly lovely film.

Thank you Peter. That was wonderful! Makes up for the other horrible one. I hope lots of my friends watched this show! Tres bonne!

Barbara - as a contrast to the Kemp film, there was a much more delightful program on SBS last night - Tribal Showgirls.

What happens when three French dancing girls are invited to join the Tari troupe at Mt Hagen show?

Ross Kemp Extreme World Papua New Guinea - shown on ABC2 on Monday night - also shows life in Port Moresby General Hospital.

But of course Ross Kemp just tried to show all the bad things about PNG, and not the good.

No doubt many Australians watched this program and were horrified with what they saw. It painted PNG as a hopeless case with rampant violence, lawlessness and corruption.

Programs like this give people a very bad impression of the country. I see the whole world can now watch it on Youtube.

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