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18 April 2014


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Whatever you think about the Regional Processing Centre and the logic behind it the Manus people probably shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth Reilly.

With the change of operator there may be opportunities for Manusians to profit from the deal and fill some of the gaps left by the hapless national government.

I understand that there will shortly be a number of public forums on this issue and people from Los Negros and Lorengau will have the opportunity to put their point of view.

The new operator, Transfield Services, is a well known supporter of community initiatives in Australia. People on Manus should play this for all it's worth.

After many years of negligence by the national government on the plight of our people of Manus, they decided that a foreign problem like catering for a regional asylum seeker centre would be an opportunity to solve the Manus' problems. What an irony.

Daniel - Legally a "transferee" is a person transferred to Papua New Guinea under this MOU

In reality, what / where next for these people ?

Barbara - It would appear from this link / dialogue, that there may be an issue regarding Wilson's role

I am advsied by a knowledgeable reader that Wilson hasn’t got certification from the PNG Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) to be there. What they have done, it seems, is team up with a PNG company, TSI, which we think stands for Tactical Systems International, and they are there under their banner - KJ

Why are people, other than Morrison and his ilk, continuing to use the ridiculous term 'transferees'? Call them what they are - asylum seekers, refugees, detainees or any other term that more precisely describes their situation.

Thank you for this excellent report. It is more or less as I had expected it to be.

I hope this PNG company that specializes in community awareness and involvement will help Wilson Security to improve life for both the local people and the "transferees".

If they could turn it into a "win-win situation" that would be excellent.

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