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15 April 2014


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Thank you all for your concern on the issue of West Papua. Indonesia people (Sabang to Amboina) is illegally occupied in West Papua.

The integration of West Papua into Indonesia is not finished because the history was built on lies by Indonesia military and police officers.

I am very sure to say that if this kind of situation is in PNG, I am 100% sure that West Papua would do something to help Freedom.

Good background information, Paul Oates.

The desires, hopes and dreams of the Melanesian people of West Papua to be free and independent springs eternal.

No diet of propaganda from the Indonesian government will stop the swelling momentum worldwide for the cause of these subjugated and violated group of Melanesians.

No fear of military power will stop them either.

Papua New Guineans are in support of their brothers and sisters in West Papua. We know that history can repeat itself - in this case, an East Timor.

We refuse to be intimidated and cower in fear.

This is disgraceful. Imagine if Indonesia chose to invade Christmas Island - which they would probably have more justification for doing.

But no mention of this in the Australian mainstream media, however good old RNZ has it.

Are OPM freedom fighters or terrorists? The tyranny of language.

David this article on PNG Edge is also supportive:

If someone really wanted to resolve the problem of West Papua they would first try to understand what the basic problems are:

1. The West Papuan people are ethnically different from the people of the Indonesian archipelago in appearance, language and culture. They do not want to be part of Indonesia and were given separate standing by the colonial Dutch (Netherlands) government.

2. The reasons Indonesia wanted to take over West Papua were basically empirical and economic. Sukano wanted to demonstrate his power and prestige.

3.The Americans wanted influence over the Indonesian controlled straits between the Pacific and Indian Ocean and to have a free hand with commercial mining on the island.

4. Until the US undercut our national stance, Australia was ready to defend West Papua as it finally did with East Timor.

5. Indonesia will never willingly let West Papua succeed as this would be a severe loss of face.

6. A similar situation has existed in many other parts of the world where people are being denied their national sovereignty. Just look at the Ukraine/Russia situation for example.

7. 'Transmigrasi' will never fix the problem but only exacerbate the ethnic tensions which are going on in other similar situations. These tensions will last for generations and still lead to bloodshed and misery and potential warfare.

8. It will take statesmen and women to sort out the problem and find an acceptable solution to assuage Indonesian pride.

9. There does not appear to be anyone of the calibre required for (8) above to work out and effect a workable solution. The UN is a 'paper tiger' and the Security Council is beholden to the negative vote of any permanent member. The doctored and so called ' vote of free choice' was a farce and everyone knows it.

Hence there is no easy answer. Everyone has said it's too hard and accepted that the violence and bloodshed will continue unabated.

PNG should think about how lucky they were to be given their independence.

Politics is not about people, it is about states.

Sori tumas ol wan ailan barata susa, gavaman bilong Penge bai inonap tingim yupela.

Bai yupela mas suffer yet istap.

Na tu, ating bai ol pipol bilong Penge wari na karai long yupela tu o?

Em i tok tru na tok stret, eh laka.

Thank you Bernard for the clarification.

Today's edition of The National (p.3) affirms PNG's response to the uprising.

David, we have the Treaty of Mutual Respect, Friendship and Cooperation with Indonesia signed on October 1986.

Under this treaty we have agreed in principle not to intervene in Indonesia's internal affairs. The West Papuan issue is an internal matter and will be treated as such.

The standard response the PNG government will give is: "West Papua is an integral part of Indonesia". This response is in line with the treaty.

The government will not under any circumstances aid and abet the OPM group. That is why according to Post Courier's unknown source (intelligence officer) reported that soldiers from Moem and Igam flew to the border and destroyed OPM shelters in the jungle.

So a military confrontation is not possible.

LFR a good point.

I read that at the time of Indonesia’s konfrontasi with Malaya Australia expanded its defence capabilities, including construction of airstrips in the Sepik mountains and building a new barracks for the Pacific Islands Regiment at Moem Point between Wewak and Brandi.

So what is the PNG government going to do with this current situation. I think they should do something constructive to show they are willing to protect their territory.

It is very alarming to read and even see pictures of Indonesian military at the PNG/Indo border.

Hopefully the issue is settled at a diplomatic level without the use of violence as PNG is no match to Indonesia which has an active military manpower of over 50, 000,000 not to mention the fact that the Indo Marine Corps are among the worlds largest.

Lets hope and pray for the best!

The PNG government must realize that they have their own genuine refugee problem to worry about. These West Papuan refugees are probably in fear of losing their lives due to their confrontation of Indonesian soldiers. And now the Indonesian soldiers are taking up residence in the scarcely populated parts of the West Sepik. Not good!

When I was at Brandi High School Wewak, 1971-74 I taught West Papuan refugees who had made it as far as Wewak. I also met others who were studying in Moresby. They were a bright bunch and I feel sorry for them.

From my recent time discussing life in Wewak with Sepiks on their great blog, I can see that the Sepik is a neglected area. Hardly ever gets a mention in the newspapers.

Brandi High school is in a state of decay. Students are showing their frustration by smashing things up. The old buildings, built in the 1950s and 1960s are really in need of being pulled down and new buildings built.

But there are obvious signs of money being wasted. There is a half finished stadium in Wewak - a huge building which nobody knows much about. The money used to build this could have been used to repair Brandi.

Somare has a really huge house being built on Kreer Heights where he will go to retire. He plans to use part of it as a Sepik museum. I hope it will be open to the public.

Somare is visiting Brandi today to look at all its many problems, and also St Michael's Primary School at Perigo where fire has caused a great loss. They say it is sabotage.

Things are not looking at all good in the Sepik. And now they have the Indonesians moving in. Maybe they are interested in Freda River!

And what will PNG do? Just snore in corruption; preach development in the news channels that no village witnesses happening and let Indonesia blow you here and there.

Indonesia will not respect PNG since PNG does not respect itself.

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