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26 April 2014


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Dear William, "lang may yer lum reek" means "long may your chimney smoke" - that is, may your house be warm and cosy so you can survive the cold winters of Scotland and live a long life.

If only the people of PNG could wish each other something positive like that. Fortunately the Christian PNGians that I know do send warm greetings to each other. They are concerned that their friends and relatives will stay healthy.

I also believe that whisky can be used for its medicinal purposes! I guess buai has some good points as well.
But what is going on in the National Department of Health is criminal. They and the Minister for Health have failed to take good advice. They have taken a path that shows they are not concerned for the health of their friends and relatives.

As you suggest, to do such a thing means that they must have been persuaded by the "glittering stuff". They are being selfish and when they get sick I hope they get given some of the fake pills and learn the hard way.

I heard that some of them got given a trip to Malaysia to check out the shipping company who will deliver the goods! But they forgot to check out the backyard factories where the crooks make the fake pills!

Barbara, it's all about greed and the glittering stuff. And nothing about how long may your lung reek - an old Scottish toast.

I have been a non-smoker for nigh on 30 years now but can still handle a few drams of the crater.

Eiscabagh. God Bless.

Thanks Martyn for this update on the BPP saga. It is impossible for me to understand the actions that have been taken by the PNG National Department of Health. It is sad to hear that a doctor who is a member of parliament in PNG has told all the other members of parliament not to worry about medical ISO standards and to accept BPP.
Fortunately some doctors who really care are still battling to get things changed. But we just keep hearing things which show me how plain stupid the Minister of Health and the National Department of Health are.
God, protect PNG from stupid men.

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