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09 April 2014


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Hi Serena, great piece! I feel it is coming from you heart and therefore you do not need to struggle to bring out the ideas and points as you do here.

I am generally familiar with the work you do with young people on UPNG campus on leadership. The difference is you are not only talking but doing as well.

Some of your points here resonates well with lines in my article "Is it Possible to Live an Ethical Life?" published on PNG Attitude.

If you are able to access it, I would encourage you to read and compare it with your own thoughts.

You can find John's article here -

Great piece Serena!

As citizens of PNG, only we can solve our country's woes.

It is up to our leaders to empower the new generation to rise to the challenge of fulfilling the National Goals and Directive Principles enshrined in our Constitution.

Serena, thank you for your insights and thoughts.

Think again on the principle of "equality of opportunity" (your emphasis. There is an alternative principle of "equity of outcomes".

PNG needs to do more on the latter principle.

Keep up the excellent work and strive on.

Serena, I wonder if you are related to one of my top Geography students at Brandi, Francis Sumanop. It sounds like you have been making some great speeches over the last few years.

I think strong honest women will be the greatest asset that PNG can have. It appears to be the men who are stealing the money. If the women are brave enough to expose the corruption that comes to their knowledge then that will be a great way to serve their country and move it ahead.

I pity the wives of the corrupt men. They will probably have to stand up for them even though they probably know that the money for the new car etc did not come honestly.

Until PNG gets a great man to stand up for the poor and powerless let the women lead the way. Aung San Suu Kyi is a good model.

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