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30 April 2014


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Dear Keith, thankyou for envisioning
this great initiative in cultivating a literary culture
in PNG and creating opportunities for emerging
writers to share their creative writing. I am humbled
to be part of your committee to support sustain your initiative
at the University of Goroka where I teach.
It is important for our students to read, write and stage our own literature
and appreciate it before looking abroad. I have introduced the
The Crocodile Literature Competition to my students at the University of Goroka.
Thank you! Jane Awi

A good thing for PNG Attitude. The five strong PNG team will ensure all PNG entries that tell of PNG situations are looked at closely to be as near to their contexts as possible thus aiding judgement in all fairness.

Good job KJ and all. Looking forward to this year's winners!

Of course, those COG members who are also entrants in the Prize are excluded from being judges - KJ

Skel skel.

If you really want something done then ask a busy person. Keith you appear to have recruited a group of already busy (achievers) people. What is the history of the shield in the photo behind you and Jane?

I know it to be a Highlands fighting shield (it has arrow heads embedded in it). Murray Bladwell purchased it in the Eastern Highlands in the early 1960s but it issignificantly older than that. Murray will be able to add more, as the shield is still in his possession - KJ

Congratulations, Keith. These new members are certainly eminent in their fields.Very exciting times.

'Virtual organisation that knows no fixed abode' brings to mind another thing that was raging many years ago in the 1960s - ONGU. Never did find out what it stood for though.

You old fox, Rob - KJ

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