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04 April 2014


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Hi Jane - Your approach towards this leadership empowerment project was a right footing to enhancing changes ahead.

You are a tool for change our people need. On behalf of those Papua New Guineans, I salute your efforts...keep leading!

Jane - Amabi Waikaw wediawa.

Thank you so much for your initiation in help and assisting the local community.

You have been educated in Kerowagi and Simbu. What you are doing is giving back to the community and that is great.

Dage Suna Ambai - waikai.

This is a good news story, Jane! Your para " a community of action......"

If I am not mistaken, if it means improving our current leadership style - even eradicating bigman style as it promotes corruption and poor performance - then this is a brilliant initiative undertaken by SPG and you the trainers - highly commendable.

In my opinion, ward councillors must be the vehicle for change in their respective communities. As such they are armed with the necessary information to go out into their communities to constantly bombard their people with the notion that treating elected leader as bigman is wrong.

Instead they should be treated as a workman with huge responsibilities. Bigman to ordinary people is considered man with wealth and is expected to share which is a traditional practice carried into the modern era, where elected leaders capitalize during elections to bribe voters and not bother with effective service delivery, as people do not appreciate and cannot reward them with votes.

This directly results in procrastinating development, progress and prosperity in communities.

Workshops such as this hopefully will empower ward councillors to be the vehicle of change not only in their communities but also overall leadership style.

More of those trainings and workshops are needed to bring our councillors to a higher level of awareness in relation to the roles and responsibilites.

Congratualtions to the trainers/facilitators! And big thank you to Governor and his deputy for the foresight and leadership in engaging the councillors.

The roles and responsibilities of councillors at the ward level would need to be spelt out very clearly during such workshops/training.

Todays "Attitude" brings good news from two of the tertiary institutions in PNG. Now we need more correspondents telling of the many other good outcomes the places of higher learning are delivering to the community.

Our aim with PNG Attitude is not to convey unadorned good or bad news, but the reality of PNG today - KJ

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