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30 April 2014


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Michael - I refer you to Attitude passim. We've copyrighted the Brie'n'Bra range.

Well done Mary.

Lot's of symbolism in bilums and I like your take on it resembling a woman's character.

Bilum is classic PNG stuff!

Peter - other people can take hold of our physical artefacts, lay claim to our names by their self-established laws, but they cannot create a soul where there is none.

Hah! Masalai kaikaim ol!

Bernard - We had to get them sprayed and approved and checked and balanced and certified and declared non-toxic and given their own immigration certificate. Seems a bit ironic.

Not like the old days.

Come to think of it, we could have brought Mana in the same way.

The art of bilum making is evolving. New styles and new names. This poem is symbolic. Thank you Mary!

And Peter, how did you get the grass kapul bilum past Australian customs and quarantine officers?

Thank you Mary. Bilums are the trademark craft of PNG women (although I have met a few men who try their hand).

The designs are fantastic and varied, and new styles are being developed all the time.

We have a bit of a collection. There are traditional (possum fur interspersed with blocks of colour); old style, made of woven bush material; then the new ones - diamond, football, arrows, PNG flag etc.

Rose is twisting 'rope' as I write and was asked to give demonstrations to schools when we lived in Darwin .

It is a truly wonderful craft and it would be a great sadness if this tradition was lost.

And the curse of the Great Masalai will fall on the French company that trademarked the name.

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