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29 April 2014


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We need "leaders" and "managers" at all levels to simply chip away a manageable chunk at a time, doing the mundane and sometimes everyday tasks, prioritising them and showing the way.

The question which can also be a lesson for us all is: Why did the students want back Schram so bad?

Yes we are eager to hear from Unitech ...or maybe the silence (?) is that things are going so well.

Eh, pasin b'long Penge ya, taim sikin i kirap, save pairap pairap.

Taim Penge kisim liklik kaikai b'long em, pasim maus na sindaun nating.

Democracy, Justice & Liberty we speak of these things as if they are only Rights.

"Fools, say I, you do not know. / Silence like a cancer grows."

They are a Responsibility.

Democracy, Justice & Liberty requires Intelligence, Vigilance & Diligence.

We'll only get out what we put in.

Why do we have to rely on "Radio New Zealand" for "good news" out of Unitech?

Where are the student and academic writers at Unitech who should be following up their successful campaign to achieve the return of their Vice-Chancellor with justification of their cause.

Now they should be telling the world (through PNG Attitude) about the good things happening. They should be wary that their work is not finished lest they fall asleep and the thief returns in the night.

Laurence, as usual, makes some very good points - KJ

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