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24 April 2014


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Great story and interesting read. Thank you.

Have heard so much about the Parer Family from my uncle, Brother Stephen Marshall, who lived in PNG for over 50 years would love to be in touch.

It was a privilege to have the Parers in Aitape. During those years there was no large investment or development that provided employment for the inland migrants (Nuku/Lumi) that worked on the cocoa and coconut plantations.

The road construction machines that the Parers owned assisted construct many of the roads that we currently use.

Because of their involvement in Aitape my elder brother, Dominic Solmu, working in one of the Parers' stores, was able to pay for my school fees for which I am grateful.

I now I have a postgraduate degree and a good solid work background in Environmental Science, assisting many communities in Papua New Guinea with my work as a specialist crocodile scientist.

Thank you to the Parer Family on behalf of the people of Aitape/Lumi and Nuku districts.

Hi Eileen,
I live in Brisbane now & my ph number is 33796214.My sister & I were born in 1937 at Wau hospital & we were 6 weeks premature.
I was told it was only through the intense dedication of the Maternity Nurse that we survived. Wouldn't it be amazing if it were your mother ?
There were about 10 Parer cousins born at Wau Hospital around that period.Warwick passed away in March 2014 & Hon John Howard OAM,AC came to Brisbane to deliver his Obituary.
Warwick's father Kevin evacuated so many wives & children in his Dragon aircraft in Dec 1941 from Wau/Bulolo/Salamaua to Moresby to catch ship to Australia.He was killed in his aircraft on the airfield at Salamaua by Japanese on the first air raid of the mainland in Jan 1942.

I would like to meet you as my parents Jack Pyke and Nell Carpenter
married in Wau in 1937. Senator Parer visited me to see photographs of
his relative Kevin who died at Salamoua in 1942. I have a book of very
interesting photographs which were sent by my father to his parents in
Cremorne Sydney.My father originally went to do gold dredging in Wau
and lived with his cousin Bert Weston who was an engineer and wife Connie.
He was introduced to my mother who was the Theatre Sister in the Wau hospital.She did midwifery at Shore in Sydney. In my early years (I was
born in Turrawan Clayfield) I heard many stories about the Parer family and the copra plantations on Buka and Bouganville. Next February my daughter
and will visit Madang Wewak and Lae while on a cruise. I live in Ascot4007

A genuine loving family, I knew the Parers when I attended the St Ignatius High School from 1983 to 1986. I remember when the school ran out of supplies, especially rice because the road between Wewak and Aitape was cut off due to flooding, the Parers supplied the school food from their supermarket for weeks on credit until situation returned to normal.

May God bless each member of their family.

Mathew Wowoni

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