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09 April 2014


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The Media frenzy surrounding high profile cases, especially involving corrupt deals by parliamentarians feeds the public appetite for scandals.

Despite Sam Koim's (TSF-Task Force Sweep Chair) best efforts, the TSF remains a political animal answerable to politicians. Things may improve with the creation of ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) and Mr Koim is in the short list of potential heads.

The once invisible MPs are not so anymore and are painfully being hunted down. Sacked Ministers William Duma (former Petroleum Minister, friend of Aussie tycoon Clive Palmer and leader of United Resource Party in Government) and Don Polye (Former Treasurer and World Bank IMF Chair- and leader of the second biggest coalition Party in goverment)are already under the spot light.

However, will their possible investigation be used as a bargaining chip to force them to toe the line remains a question to ponder

Poor Paul Tiensten, where have his good old buddies (Arthur Somare and Patrick Pruitch) gone? Both have found refuge on the PM's side.

So one can conclude from this that whichever government MP crosses the floor and goes to the opposition will be investigated of his past dealings by Task Force Sweep, indicted and then sentenced to the gallows.

Sam Koim, a challenge to you; investigate Patrick Pruaitch and Arthur Somare in their dealings with the SABL.....

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