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19 March 2014


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Yes, Gary, it is the young intelligent thinkers who may eventually crack the hold that corruption and bribery has on PNG at the moment.

You see them on the TV every night, all around the globe, standing up for what they think is right.

In the Unitech case, they know that corruption took place at Unitech and their university was affected.

Maybe they should unite with all the other universities in PNG and create a great movement to end all this corruption and bribery in PNG. They need to push for this ICAC.

There has been a death at Divine Word, due to the squatter problems. Why isn't there a better Town Council in Madang, controlling the squatter settlements?

At the moment in Sydney the ICAC is investigating a great rort that took place a few years ago when wealthy men ripped off millions of dollars from Sydney Water, which is run by the NSW Government.

These men were from both sides of politics in Australia. Greedy men wanting to grow very wealthy at the expense of the taxpayer.

We need more brave men and women in PNG who will fight for their rights and the rights of all the Grassroots people. The "predatory elite" must see that there are brave, clever PNG students who have seen through their lies and tricks and are willing to stand up to them.

I think they will find that there are many among the working class in PNG towns who will be willing to join them in this battle.

Well written for sure. It is indeed heartening to see the efforts being made by students. Students who have demonstrated far better leadership qualities then elected leaders.

Be vigilant students, be aware. The enemy will not just give in, it will fight back, it will work within your camp and divide you so that you are weak and defeated.

Already an effort is under way to tarnish the image of those who are good and stand up for what is right in this issue. In fact, it happens whenever good people stand up.

This is why so many insist on remaining silent. It is easier to remain silent and accept what is wrong then to fight and be attacked.

Many have realised this and act accordingly. That is, they bow their heads and mutter and express themselves in hushed tones or if they are public with their concerns, such as on social media or print media, they hide behind fake identities and aliases.

This is the case in parliament. We have 111 members and less then a handful raise issues of concern regarding this nation, its future and its peoples interests.

Those few are ignored. Only a handful are involved in manipulating the system to their benefit. The rest benefit by being silent, because of fear.

Fear is the greatest weapon used by those who work evil. Fear of job security, of personal security, of being targeted for a smear campaign.

A lesson is being taught here, students. Take heed, this is the true crux of your being in this institution, you are learning that if you stand together as one, they will have to see you, if you speak together as one, they will have to hear you.

If you allow yourselves to be distracted by their efforts to divide you, they will defeat you.

One day some of you will be elected leaders; let not that fire in you be snuffed out to the point where you are but a silent manikin in parliament.

Stand fast, o' staff of Unitech. You too have suffered long enough under the corrupt regime. This fight is yours, theirs, ours. Stand fast!

Well said.

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