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17 March 2014


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Standing up to defend and uphold the truth is the most honourable thing to do.

If this is why the students are boycotting classes, then I am in support of them.

If Schram has proven that he is capable of cleaning up the filth in the former UNITECH administration, let him into the country.

The students have a voice to be heard in the light of good to prevail. It is not just a present matter but the future of PNG against the higher hierarchy's blind and arrogant nature.

We must come to understand what is happening and fully support them in any way. Enough of corruption in all places.

It is indeed sad when you know it's the only technological university in PNG.

I find it amusing and slightly disheartening when an issue is before us in which Members of Parliament should be expected to act for the benefit of their people - and when I express my disgust at their total lack of leadership, often in colourful language - my colleagues with Attitude decide to come to the rescue of their favourite MP's.

Aw, how sweet. It makes me retch.

Do the MP's need your defence? Have they asked for your assistance?

Will they come to yours? Do they care about you?

What exactly have our MP's and our government done that makes them worthy of praise?

Maintaining the barely functioning systems put in place at Independence does not suffice as 'high performance'.

Take a good look at the country's human development indicators and tell me again that our leaders deserve praise and defence from the righteous anger of their own citizens?

Please let it enter your heads that I am allowed to feel disgust and contempt for the leadership in PNG; it is my democratic right.

Perhaps those of you who do not have to work directly with people who are struggling to survive in the rural areas can never really appreciate the anger and disgust those of us who do feel against the political leadership in this country.

Perhaps you visit your family in the village and spend time living among them, so you think you know what it feels like. You think that you understand because you send them money when they need it.

Well, I tell you that you don't.

Until you start to get pissed off with the fucked up leadership that is provided by our fucked up MP's, you don't really understand and you don't really care.

Michael, wanbel.

Yeah, the Hon Delilah Gore should have at least met the students and talked to them face to face. That would have cooled the heat.

At least show her motherly side to show that as a mother and a Minister she is genuinely concerned.

Now it seems like a stand-off between the students and the government.

A lot of it, and what happened so far is unnecessary if the absolute truth was known.

Even with the Sevua report nothing seems to be concrete. What a farce!

I'm with Gary Juffa. Come on PNG, it's time to step in the ring.

No more false pretences of Melanesian principles.

Ol lida save mekim gutpela pasin na kisim rispekt,

Yupla laikim ol long mekim save long yupla ok, kaikai graun na harim giaman toktok blong ol stap.

Maureen, I don't care if their male, female or confused, I expect more from leaders.

Until we do so, we will not get the leaders we need.

Can any PNGian legal firm or the Public Solicitors Office volunteer to assist Unitech staff and students to take this matter to court as a second option to the boycott of classes?

Open a trust account so we (PNGians) can contribute towards meeting legal costs. Push wheelbarrows around major towns of PNG while campaigning at the same time and I am sure PNGians will fully support you because we are all fed-up of corruption.

Over to you Unitech students and staff.

Michael, I get you. What I meant was the facial feature assassination didn't have to become black and white herein.

You know any PNGn who has never had outside exposure will take offence in that. Besides no matter how wrong a leader is, our Melanesian general rule of thumb? If they're older than you, show some decency (respect) to the person. Then more often than not, they in return, will give ear to your issue (if time and mob-like protests are not factors).

I will give credit to the three women politicians who are first timers and are doing their best in an inherited chaotic environment.

The advices they are getting to make all these decisions must first be debated. Tingting blo mi.

In PNG, good will be attacked and attacked vehemently by evil and this is certainly something we should all be aware of by now.

It is becoming more and more evident that when those who support what is right stand up for it, they are attacked with much vigour and anger by those who have something to hide and protect.

Today I spoke to the Minister for HERST, Delilah Gore, and urged her to speak to the students and make an effort to find a way forward that will take on board their considerations. The solution is not force and brutality, it is dialogue and understanding.

Time and time again in PNG when and where the interests of the people and what is just are brought to the authorities, they react by dismissing and attacking them and those who bear these messages.

Just look at the seabed mining scam, the Borneo Pacific scandal, the Manus asylum seeker debacle and many other instances of what is so obviously wrong and one wonders if evil itself has infected those in power and flows through their veins.

I myself am reeling from a deluge of outrageous lies in the form of internet postings by logging advocates and their agents but still stand for what I believe: PNG, my people, my land.

If it comes to it, we must be willing to sacrifice even our safety and security and attack evil with aggression and anger and outrage!

Good and its proponents cannot be expected to just stand in the corner draped in white robes, pointing a feeble finger at what is wrong with a meek countenance, shirking any physical confrontation.

Rather, those who believe in good must be ready to confront evil, grapple and fight with it and expect blows which they must withstand and fight.

Only then can good prevail. Otherwise we are just merchants of rhetoric.

Dr Schram, you are not a security risk to PNG. I didn't say you are.

The security aspect at the buai market discussion revolved around your safety and that of your family given the nature of the issue and the bloody lawlessness in this shithole.

The official reasons for the Foreign Affairs Department for refusing your re-entry is something that must be made public so we all can know.

Be assured that like many others, I would want you back at Unitech to complete your term of contract. And I am proposing one option that has not been explored yet.

Unitech students can pull resources together and take the previous council to court.

I believe the way to circumvent all blockages and get you back to complete your contract is through legal proceedings.

There is nothing wrong for wider publicity. It has been going on since the saga started and we can continue and see if there is going to be any constructive outcome.

I am just lost on the plot on how we are driving this PNG. Real bad and all things out of sorts when politicians like O'Neill want to be bureaucrats!

The issue of 'serving whom I know' is really evident.

I am no risk to anyone. An unspecified "security risk" is just a convenient legal pretext to continue a travel ban in my regard.

I came to help out in PNG higher education, and want just to provide leadership and management for Unitech, and serve the students and staff.

This is the last word on my academic credentials, and why I could not attend the Sevua investigation interview.

The clearance for my re-entry into the country came one day late. It was in my own interest to attend the interview and clear my name of all silly and baseless allegations.

Francis, remember that the Peter O'Neill government is the government that first came to power illegally - ignoring a Supreme Court judgement.

With that move, our country lost the idea that it is ruled by law. So why suddenly is the O'Neill government trying to hide behind law?

If they follow the law that the Unitech Council appoints the VC, then why are they blocking the VC from returning?

The hypocrisy level of the O'Neill government is stunning!

Keith, in a general dicussion on the whole issue yesterday,of course at the buai market, one person asked the same question why Dr Schram is not allowed into the country and someone of a reputable standing replied that it was on security reasons. It would be interesting to know the truth and we hope it surfaces.

Over to you, Albert. Have you heard that one before? - KJ

Francis, these are the same clowns who let Djoko Tjandra in the country without a visa, conspire with illegal immigrants and pose to be supportive while acting behind the scene to pervert legal process and common sense.

Michael, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill or Delilah Gore or the government is not going to backdown and that's for sure.

Why? Neither the government nor members of parliament have any right either legally or administratively to appoint a Vice Chancellor for Unitech.

Delilah Gore has made that crystal clear in her media advertisements. They will not interfere in the administrative problem of Unitech. If they do then the chance of legal repercussion cannot be ruled out and, instead of solving the problem, it will only amplify it.

The saga at Unitech was not the doing of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Research or the government in general thus there is no logic to accuse them.

For this reason the government will continue to take a neutral approach no matter how we try to convince them to do otherwise.

From what I heard, not all students agree with the boycott of classes. They are being coerced into boycotting and they are concerned about their education.

The good thing is that Dr Albert Schram has been cleared of any wrongdoing and that means the suspension action taken by the former University Council was wrong and that erroneous action can be challenged in court.

To me, this is the only plausible and best option available to bring Dr Albert Schram back to PNG and Unitech. Other than that it is a waste of time and the students are destroying their own education.

The students must see the legal and administrative demarcations and use their intelligence to take a learned and logical approach and not letting emotions take the better of them.

Francis, if the government is neutral as you say, why is it denying Dr Schram re-entry into PNG? - KJ

Francis, this idea of 'setting precedents' is legalese bullshit that some useless fuck shafted into our minds a while back.

What would it mean if the government did back down to student protest?

Real leaders admit when they are wrong and take active measures to rectify their shit.

That's part of the courage and integrity required to lead.

Apparently we don't have any real leaders in PNG, male or female.

Maureen, what is happening at UniTech is unnecessary, stupid and wrong.

Anyone in government who supports, perpetuates or condones what is happening is behaving like a circus side show attraction.

If you want me to be frank, in this situation Delilah Gore has behaved like a fool.

What's worse is she knows it. It remains to be seem if she will come down from her high horse and try to help resolve this sad saga in PNG history, or if she will, like her male counterparts, remain entrenched in the governments foolhardy position, unwilling to admit error and make decisions that are in the best interests of their people.

The metaphor fits.

And by the way, this is what freedom of expression is all about: use it.

Michael, the last four are unnecessary.

The stance the government has taken so for appears to me that it will not back down as it would not want to set a precedent by succumbing to student body protest.

The fact that Dr Albert Schram has been vindicated of any wrong doing, why not the student body institute legal proceedings against the University Council over the unsubstantiated suspension and seek court order for Dr Schram's reinstatement.

The students need to seek legal advice and institue legal proceedings to have Dr Schram reinstated as VC.

I don't think anything fruitful outcome will result from all the media campaigns.

Truth will prevail. The fight against corruption is the concern of everyone who believes that's the good fight.

I've spread the word. We'll see if anyone can come up with something that can expose all the corruption that has taken place. If this is not allowed to happen then PNG is really a "failed state" and the Prime Minister needs to do some serious thinking. Did he go to University. Don't tell me he is an old Unitech graduate?

Well done. Keep up the fight.

I will find out what the PNG students in Australia can do or are doing in support of the PNG University of Technology.

Let's show-up this government regime for the farcical circus show it really is - Bearded Women and all!

This sad situation demonstrates clearly the strength of the forces of corruption in PNG. The students and the supportive academic and administrative staff are to be congratulated for the bold stand that they have taken. I wish them every success.

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