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19 March 2014


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That is a classic limited edition poem! It will stand the test of time ..... good one.

This poem reverberates the fact that most people in influential positions are often cats trying their best to imitate tigers.

It is wise to be a normal street rat than to imitate a tiger. A tiger will always be hunted, so if you want to be a tiger, act and be like one.

Incidentally though, street rats live longer than tigers.

Yeh, the six sons don't have bumbums and lived on a pint of cooking oil and salt wrapped in ice-block plastics daily whilst a few hired half baked consultants (opportunists) and lord live like the oil barons of Qatar and sit in wheeled chairs and make millions in the name of the sons.

What is there to show with their overrated diligent policy implementation score? Anathema with their ego! May they and their legacy be cursed with the sum of the collective hardships.

Cool and true most times for many places in the ancient land...ah!

Em tru yah. Too much horn blowing going on.

I like this piece of Classic Drekore-style.

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