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03 March 2014


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When I first wrote this article on the Manus factor days after it was initiated on 11 September 2012, I knew that this bilateral arrangement was a time bomb, and is still.

The worst is yet to come because, by the way it seems, Australia's third world neighbour in the north is made to become a laughing stock. O'Neill and Pato can do better than this.

Well said David - an old friend of PNG and with a heart for the people.

Incidentally David will be on ABC's Q&A tonight tonight (Monday) at 9:30.

That is an article with a great deal of insight. I think most of us knew this was never going to work and the media aren't helping with some of the reporting.

Anyone who has lived and worked in PNG knows how generous and tolerant the Papua New Guineans are....far too tolerant in terms of exploitation of resources over the years.

It appears that the refugees whether genuine asylum seekers or not have also been used as scapegoats by the Australian government, which has obviously been a deterrent but I have also had genuine concerns on how these people would be integrated into a Papua New Guinea society no matter how tolerant and generous their hosts are.

Manus people are very loving, gentle and caring. The people in the island have a compassionate feel about the detainees.

Most do not believe the detainees deserve to be free. However, it is the Australian government's doing so we respect that.

By the way, thank you Mr Bridie, for this piece, it sheds light to those who think us Manusians, not to mention, Papua New Guineans, are cruel people, we do things to help people, not just to get the benefits of what has being offered.

Thank you David Bridie for this excellent summing up of the Manus problem. I feel very sorry for the wonderful Manus people who have been inflicted with this prison for people attempting to enter Australia illegally.

We have no right to expect them to put up with the insults and rudeness they are getting from these people.

To me, their rudeness is indicative of the fact that they are not true refugees, fleeing their home country for fear of losing their life, but merely people trying to enter Australia illegally as they have heard of how good it is to live there compared to their home country. They probably believe that they would not be accepted if they legally applied for refugee status.

It is a pity that the Manus people have suffered so much from this stupid action by the Australian government. They should not be made to feel responsible for what has happened.

Our Australian government should have realized that there was no way that these prisoners were going to take kindly to their incarceration on Manus. It should only have been temporary and the prison should now be closed and the prisoners either given the opportunity to return to their home country or be placed in a prison on the Australian mainland where they can be processed in the correct manner.

Give the people of Manus a break!

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