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31 March 2014


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Sam Koim and TFS are handling a very tough, complicated and highly risky job and he and his team deserve commendation for a break through.

Getting one of the political giants like Paul Teinsten convicted and placed behind bar is the start of victory in the war against corruption and a moral booster for TFS team in their pending cases.

Congratulations Sam.

Judicial judgements like this are crucial going forward with the soon to be implemented ICAC.

One judgement such as this is better than nothing at all given the many that we often hear and read about.

Top marks to Sam Koim and TFS.

What about the PM? Can he be arrested and charged like Tiensten?

I believe the PM and Paraka case is bigger than the Tiensten case, so Sam Koim has to investigate the PM and treat him exactly like PT, otherwise he is an agent of O'Neill.

Tiensten will come out and walk free. This is PNG where politicians can be deem criminals under the law but the next morning they are out on bail further corrupting the system.

The little man, the rapists or murderer, that does not steal millions is the one real PNG laws are applied upon. Funny PNG and I see no way out unless the state applies death penalty for corruption as well.

However, the death penalty is also somewhere in the blue and rapists and murderers are here on the streets.

If PNG means business then do it and we see where we head to.

Barbara may have thanked 'all of the above' and etcetera but I won't.

You don't deserve praise for 'eventually getting your job done'.

Just do it.

Like Sam Koim.

Well done Sam. But this is only a small victory in a much bigger battle.

The war is still coming - or is it only this poet who see's how readily the enemy disposes of its minor minions?

I will wait to see the day when Task Force Sweep practices impartiality and put one of the government ministers in the gallows as well.

Right now, as all educated persons of PNG can see, Task Force Sweep is just a tool used by PM to hijack the established rules and processes for investigating corruption.

The police and Ombudsman, these two departments, have gone fishing. Now one hears about the K3 billion loan. Will Task Force Sweep investigate the K3 billion loan and again clear the PM like it did with the Paul Paraka issue.

Sam Koim and the PM should hang their heads in shame.

What about Wartoto, there is never smoke without fire.

I thank God for this final outcome. And thank you Sam Koim for your bravery and persistence against this manifestation of evil which has become so hard to eradicate in PNG.

Thank you Prime Minister for all that you have done. It must be hard for many people to see Paul Tiensten being sent to prison when they know there are others who have done the same sort of thing who have not yet been charged.

And thank you to the lawyers, the solicitors, the barristers, the judges, who have worked hard on this case and the others before the court. They are setting the way for a better future for PNG. The country needs them to be honest and thorough with their reasoning, looking for justice for the guilty and the honest.

I hope Paul Tiensten will use his time wisely while in prison. He might like to do the Crossroad Bible Studies and put his life back in order. There is hope for him to learn how to change his ways of thinking and he could become a changed man and a role model for others in the future.

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