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15 March 2014


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Politicising an institution of learning, especially the only one that has the potential to give rise to future developers of this developing country, is not the right path to be heading towards.

The PM should hang his head in shame at his incompetency in resolving this issue at its early stage - he should resign to maintain his integrity or will be thought of as how the people saw the Somare and the NA regime.

For Gore - she has just shown that PNG women are still incapable of taking higher leading roles in this country....its a real shame.

Ms Gore's actions on the Unitech issue send a cloud over 22 proposed reserved seats in parliament for women.

The government is of the people, for the people and by the people. We are confused who'es interest the government of the day is serving. Let me say in reality that unitech saga is and overdue issue. The issue has been neglected by government for too long. Our ground is solid and and still stands: No Shcram,No School! We will not retreat nor surrender..

Bluster only succeeds when you have truth on your side. Minister Gore does not.

A woman politician that knows no part of being a leader. Topple Peter O'Neill government!

Feminisim is no cure for lunacy.

The women in the 2012 National Parliament have been a bit of a disappointment.

You have one busily helping to chop up carvings in the Haus Tambaran, another doing away with an 'offensive' provincial flag and now one threatening to close a college for no good reason.

Dame Carol Kidu must be wondering what's going on.

Doesn't augur well for the concept of reserved seats for women either.

Sounds like Gore is a rubber stamp.

Takes me back to the Keravat emergency of 1981 when I had breakfast with the Secretary of Education in Rabaul but he refused to come out to Keravat to speak to the striking students.

I had to go and speak to them on his behalf. I was the Deputy-Head. The Headmster had collapsed and had to be flown to Australia.

But we got the show on the road again! Someone with guts has to take the initiative and talk to the students and work out a compromise so the university can resume classes!

State of Emergency in a school campus? Something unheard of in one thousand years or so of University education!

Interestingly there does not appear to be any comment (support or otherwise) from International universities (Vice-Chancellors or Student Bodies) over the whole lengthy period of this saga. Is that a sad reflection of the academic credibility of Unitech?

Yes, it is very sad that Ms Gore is allowing herself to be manipulated by her political masters. Shame on her!

She needs to go into the university and hold a round table conference with staff and students. She must have the guts to stand up for herself and make her own decisions.

Oh Peter, you silly little boy! And Delilah, what a naughty girl you are to join him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

I really must apologise for their childish behaviour Dr Schram.

Soon now their toys will be taken away from them and they won't be given any sweets. Somebody will smack them on their naughty bum bums.

Regrettably, the prime minister has endorsed Minister Gore and added a few misinformed statements of his own.

It is sad to see that those who have been feeding him untruthful information are still there to cast doubts over the students, the Chancellor and my person.

We must stop them from destroying Unitech as an institution of higher learning, and disrespecting the autonomy of Council.

It is a sign of desperation that they rely on a travel ban to keep a regularly appointed and lawful Vice-Chancellor out of the country for political convenience.

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