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12 March 2014


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Absolutely Winfred. The boycott of '91 did exactly that.
This cause is different though. The students deserve better. The country deserves better and I hope the government sees the fresh mind part of it.

I would like Dr Schram to be given a chance to look after Unitech, a once upon a time pride of Lae and PNG. He has stated what he plans to do and it is reasonable coming from an educator and academic.

Protestors have banded well. They should not resort to violence nor damage property. Other than that it has come to this point where we see a need for their collective voice to be heard.

Interesting contrast between Gary Juffa's position and the one presented in yesterday's editorial in The National. I'm on Gary's side!

Right now there is an effort by the government to frighten some students to go back to class. That is the specific plan to divide and conquer the students. Get some back into class, you can start punishing the rest, and you've broken the boycott. I pray the students will be able to stand in solidarity and persist. The people united will never be defeated.

It is good to see the students stand up for what is right and stand fast...I am heartened.

I myself stood with others to end the land mobilization program being shoved down PNG's throat by the World Bank and IMF and we succeeded in throwing that stupidity out.

Students have the responsibility of not just being students, but being a check and balance for their people who depend on them to protect and promote their interests as educated persons.

Sadly, not all students will be thorough and thoughtful and analytical in their efforts and there will be those who will be emotional and resort to violence where it is not called for and take advantage of such situations but such situations are always coexisting - good and bad, the justice fighter and the misguided advantage seeking individual.

Soon Schram will be back after the long fight over him. Let him come back and see how things transform.

If PNGeans failed over the past decades to change Unitech, let this willing heart from a different country change the system and then we can learn from there.

Looking forward for Schram to take his righful seat.

Hopefully Dr Albert Schram will soon be back running Unitech. I am amazed at his perseverence.
Unitech has played a major role in training PNGians over many years. The present situation is tragic and I hope Delilah Gore will be able to quickly solve this long running problem.

Thank you for your interest in Unitech. We hope Waigani will listen finally to the key stakeholders, and the stalemate will be over soon.

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