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30 March 2014


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More power to you Schram.

Let's see if our Immagration Minister can be as good as his words.

If the buck is passed any further, it might just end up winking at someone in the mirror.

That might be an eye opener.

forget what you read in the media, or what the Ministers said.

Tomorrow, I will go to the PNG consulate. If an employment visa has been approved for me, I will get it stamped in my passport and travel to PNG in the coming days.

If a business visa has been approved for me I can NOT enter PNG legally, and will therefore NOT be able to enter the country. This visa explicitly prohibits employment.

We know what our adversaries are capable of, and if I enter the country on the wrong visa, I will be deported, and may be banned from entering the country for up to 5 years. The business visa is therefore a trap and will not solve the problem.

I am not going to sell out the UNITECH Chancellor, staff and students. Upon my return, together we plan to write a new chapter in the history of UNITECH.

You are correct Jeffrey Tanalo.

So, now that you have cured this particular aspect of our ignorance, what can we do to challenge our leaders?

It's easy for me to say how dissappointed I am that Kerenga Kua, my respected countryman, might be getting mixed up in this farce, knowleageably or not of the excrement he's dealing with, he'll still get smeared.

But who can ask the right questions, the critical questions, to the right people?

The media?

They are proving to be a bunch of leadless dildo's minus the battery power to function.

The Opposition?

Most of them are on the Late Bus along with the Government, and they aren't focussed on critical issues for long enough or thoroughly enough to make cohesive strong arguments (apart from Sam Basil lately) or take a strong position backed up by ethical standards (Oops, that cuts Belden out).

Respected MP's? Senior public servants? Captains of industry? Civil Service organisations? Political lobbyists?

All of the above are either corrupt, cronies, con-conspirators, cautious or confused citizens or connivers themselves.

The social movement is taking shape, but 'the ether warfare' is not being backed up by land-based infantry or realtime combat troops taking strategic action.

Also non-existent is a political agency that forms the spearhead of a properly devised, cohesive real-live-in-the-flesh social movement.

You all have been totally fooled. Schram was not offered a work visa. He was offered a business visa.

You cannot work under a business visa and thus the government has effectively blocked Schram from resuming VC duties.

Public ignorance and our inability to challenge authority and analyse what we are told is at the base of all that is wrong in PNG and why the government has become so corrupt.

It is likely that a business visa is being issued as an interim arrangement (they are good for a period up to three months) while a work visa is being secured - KJ

About time. Bloody late bus, fools. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Best Wishes, Dr Schram. I'm praying for a good peaceful outcome for everyone at Unitech.

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