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06 March 2014


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Hi Keith - I would be willing to have a chat with Chris if he is in Port Moresby on his project.

You can pass my email address to him.

I've done that, John - KJ

Thanks for the contact, Keith! And thank you very much again for the article on PNG Attitude, it helped a lot!

No probs. Keith. Can you let me have Chris's email?

Here it be, Paul, slightly coded to avoid the bots - christoph.neuenschwander at

If Chris got a chance to travel to the highlands, I'm in Simbu. He might like to explore this part of the world with her own different languages

The truly regrettable and reprehensible aspect about this query is that it comes from Switzerland and not from an Australian Education Ministry or school authority.

Surely two nations that have a common border should at the very least offer education in their respective languages?

We have 'sister cities' and 'twinning arrangements' and our shared history is so important and yet those who are in charge of our so called progressive education policy don't seem to be able to understand what is essential for young Australians to learn and what should be a lower priority. We will reap this myopia in the future unless the situation changes.

Kain tingting olsem mi les longen.

Paul - Perhaps you'd be prepared to offer Chris the paper(s) you prepared on this matter -KJ

Chris could have a look at the history of Mista Grasruts cartoons by the late great Bob Browne which evolved over 40 years.

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