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24 March 2014


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The "kiap called Brown" may have been G H (Gordon) Brown (seniority 17 April 1953), or R C Browne (6 February 1956).

I think that Ken Brown (seniority 24 June 1947) was on the Papuan side (at Kairuku and Bereina around about those dates) and it was certainly not me; I never served at Mumeng, or anywhere in the Morobe District.

As to "the new patrol post deeper in Kukukuku territory" I agree that it was not Menyamya, but neither was it Wonenara. The latter was established from Kainantu, in the Eastern Highlands, by Gus Botrill and Otto Alder in June 1960. It was thence part of the Kainantu Sub-District.

This sounds like a terrific book.

As a very junior kiap, my first patrol was in the Kukukuku country lying between Kerema and Kiantiba, which lay some 100 kilometres to the north.

My ADC of the time, John Quinn, pointed to the Police Sergeant who was accompany me.

"You will see that Sergeant X has four service stars on his uniform. He was patrolling long before you were born, so don't do anything he doesn't think you should".

He instructed the Sergeant along the following lines: "Yu mas lukautim dispella liklik kiap bilong wonem i save nating." ['Look after this junior kiap, he knows nothing']

We both followed John's instructions and the patrol was a success.

Like most kiaps, I developed a great respect for the police who accompanied me on patrol.

I have especially fond memories of Constable Roy Gaiwina, a Milne Bay man, who accompanied me on several long and arduous patrols through the Gulf Provinces seemingly endless maze of rivers. I sincerely hope Roy did well in his career.

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