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07 March 2014


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Truly Gary, ignorance is the stumbling factor against self realisation, active and meaningful participation of disabled people.

When you create the appropriate environment and opportunities for them, you will see hidden talents and abilities exposed.

I am happy that you are erecting a resource centre for your people with disability. Keep up the good work. Thank you Robin and Mal for the empowerment.

Thanks Francis for the reminder. A dear friend of mine who is does not have the benefit of sight once said to me, "My only disability is your ignorance". I have never forgotten that.

We leaders do not do enough for our people who are living with disabilities. I have started a program in Oro and am hoping to complete this year by building a resource centre or having a facility of sorts where such persons can have access to education and be able to engage in economic activity and contribute.

They certainly can, they have the zeal, passion and heart, they just need someone to believe in them.

All the best and keep in touch. Your words are inspiring.

As someone who has been a wheelchair user in Australia for 34 years I have great changes in attitudes towards disability here.

Thank you for writing this article and highlighting the needs for reforms in Papua New Guinea. People living with disabilities have the same basic needs and rights as all people.

Giving opportunities for access to the community, to employment, to respect and validation is essential. Not only is it humane and decent, it is also good for the economy, for the culture and for community.

I truly hope that your call to action for the plight of people living with disabilities in Papua New Guinea will be heard and acted on.

Indeed, a sight for sore eyes; that handsome and debonair young gentleman, in his 21st Century carriage.
You are emblematic, a picture, of what the proposed legislation might lead to for disabled people in PNG

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