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10 March 2014


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The saga continues. Last night at around 9 pm the same police that are based at the logging camp came and picked me up, confiscated my licensed shotgun and took me to Namatanai police station and locked me in the cell.

About an hour after they locked me up they brought me out, read me my rights and arrested me for threatening and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

They set bail at K600. I managed to get my wife on the phone and she came to bail me out at 12:30 am My court date has been set for Tuesday 22 April.

It looks like the Malaysian loggers have the right to cut undersize trees, the right to cut trees along the edge of the streams and rivers, the right to run bulldozers and excavators through streams, the right to go on to whoever's land they want, the right to operate chainsaws, equipment and trucks that are reserved jobs for citizens and the right to have police based in their camps to protect them.

It looks like we PNG citizens only have the right to sit back and helplessly witness the destruction.

In 1997 we had a drought here in New Ireland. The only water in our area that was still running was the spring at Rubio. This spring saved the lives of all in our community and the surrounding villages.

This is the very water source that I was protecting. Do we not have the right to good safe drinking water?

I give my full support to my brother John Aini. We are have the same problem in Central New Ireland. Tuesday morning Malaysian loggers were cutting trees in our land and operating an excavator just above the spring that is the water source for our community. I chased them off and confiscated their chainsaw. The Police showed up within 2 hrs to take the saw back from me. Where are the police when the malysians are stealing our trees, our land and our futures.

Shane Clark

See that despite SABL inquiry finding Tutuman Ltd illegally involved in setting up a SABL in NI Province the leader of the LLG on Lavongai has been charged with inciting violence against Tutuman.

It is a sad fact that the SABL itself has in fact incited violence in the reaction of disempowered citizens finding themselves stripped of their land rights for next 99 years under SABL legislation.

When will O'Neill act to stop the illegal logging of these faulty agreements?

Congratulations John for standing up for your land rights. Lavongai is your land, your traditional motherland, and you have all your legal rights under the sun to drive out those illegal thieves from your land, village, and your province.

You must gather all your families, relatives, all landowners in the area and do just that. Kick those mongrel thieves back to their country, Malaysia.

Other provinces should follow suite, like Madang, Kimbe, Pomio, Sipik etc.....

How much longer should the people of PNG stood by and let the Malaysian logging companies destroy our land, virgin forests and our environment. Where the bloody hell is the minister responsible.

The government will not stand for you these days. Bougainville was not listened to so we have to suffer for 10 solid years and that we have to lose 10,000 people under this government's blockade.

Thus plan properly and go anti-exploitation. When you go militant and destroy, they will listen.

It's funny Ben Micah is running over to Bougainville with all the millions whilst his own people are in a problem.

Charging people with offences they have not committed is a standard ploy of the conscienceless companies that exploit the land that belongs to other people.

John Aini, you are a good man and a good leader. Standing up for the rights of your people and for the sovereignty of your land are the actions of a hero. Remember that it is the Malaysians at fault.

Mi pikinini bilog NIPS. Ol pipal log Lavongai, mi ting-ting log yupela.

Congratulations to John for standing up for what he feels is right for the people of Lavongai. I don't know much about this problem at Lavongai. But I'm busy discussing what should be done about similar problems in the Sepik.

This problem is huge.

Evidently some people in PNG think it is OK to remove people from their traditional life-style, take away their lands, allow Malaysian timber companies to have all the best trees from the remaining original rainforests in PNG at low prices, clear the land for oil palm plantations, get the original PNG native inhabitants to live in kampongs and work for the Malaysian oil palm plantation owners.

Maybe they think Malaysia is the country to follow. It is in the news at the moment. I have my doubts and feel very sad about all of this. Who would have thought that this was the way to "develop" PNG?

John was an environmental fisheries officer and brother of former MP Martin. John was a supporter of LEF (Lavongai's Lokal Envaironmen Faundesen) which 12 of us started in 1990 to try and stop greedy elites from logging remaining third of their home island.

The Mamirum timber project was notorious for its terrible rip-off of its citizens by Malaysian loggers and was investigated by Judge Barnet’s Commission of Inquiry that led to unseating of MP Gerard Sigulogo – one of the few corrupt MPs ever to feel the weight of the law and also debarring of corrupt lawyer Mareliu whose brother cried in sympathy for his people as he gave evidence to the SABL inquiry.

Under SABL law, the thieves have grabbed up to 75% or more of the island for the next 99 years, free from any land tax or rent to the government.

The principals involved in those shocking land grabs are the same elites which LEF fought against in the 1990s.

Our 'root out corruption' PM, O'Kneel to the Asians, has so far kowtowed to the SABLisers and allows logging to continue despite three-quarters of the investigated SABL projects being illegally formed.

Thank God some Lavongai people are standing up and fight the forest cancer in their land. Can John's efforts be a catalyst for stopping it.

Lavongai Tapasuk!

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