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28 March 2014


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Mateship over decency and respect for human dignity? What an 'Abottism'.

I bet the Aussie diggers are turning in their graves.

Stupid PNG people are beginning to see the light about what it means when we fuck with the Constitution, as this farcical 'O'Neillien' saga continues to defy reason and logic.

Liam Fox is so right - Manus is a beautiful place with friendly people. But many of these people probably do not live with flush toilets as seen in the detention centre. Surely the detainees should have work rosters to keep these toilets clean.

I see Liam Fox left Manus with a dozen asylum seekers who've opted to return home and who cheered when the plane flew off. These people are looking for a place where they can get away from war. Surely they could have made the camp in Manus a peaceful place.

If Australia, which for many years has been looked on as a Christian country, took in all these refugees from the war torn Muslim countries, we would soon have major confrontations between people from these two major religious groups.

I live in Sydney and during recent times we have had Moslem leaders in Australia standing up to their own radical members and demanding they fit into Sydney society, and its Christian based laws. But just about every night on the news I hear of some people shooting other people in the suburbs of Sydney and I notice that their grieving wives are often dressed in Muslim clothing.

Yes, people are in dreadful conditions in Muslim countries, e.g. Syria, but there is no way we can invite all persecuted Syrians into Australia. The Muslim people must return to their home countries and start to solve all their social and religious problems. They are fleeing wars and when we have tried to help them solve these wars in the past we have not had much success.

As you can see I have little sympathy for people who do not try to solve their own problems in a peaceful way. Australia has plenty of problems of its own to solve as there has been this gradual end to much of our manufacturing industries and there is a threat of massive unemployment to be solved.

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