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07 March 2014


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Supporters of state-sanctioned murder should check this -

Wanna be part of this?

Maybe Manus would be interested.

Could be handy up there.

"The member said that the recommendations include strategies, cost and where the death chambers should be located."

My God. Now it's come down to tactical considerations and where the death chambers should be located.

Maybe PNG pollies should take advice from some old-school Germans. Poland maybe?

"Barbaric"? Not only! Senseless. Archaic. Expensive. And not sure the "barbarians' were applying the death penalty outside the context of war...

Barbaric alright. Why not just leave rapists and murderers in the hands of the victims brothers, cousins, uncles and fathers. See what happens.

I recall one story that involved a cigarette lighter, a ball pein hammer and a sledge hammer. Picture it.

The victim was a 13 year old girl. She did not survive her ordeal. And neither did the rapists.

What's right, what's wrong and where do we draw the line?

Am I alone in thinking this is barbaric?

And readers, please do some research before deciding. Here's one place to start.

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