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31 March 2014


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Yah that's true bro... Not all PNGeans are doing this, but just the few maybe those who lacked ethics especially the street people around the town.

But no man is an island right? I have very good friends around the country who I social with and called them brothers and sisters and yes my intelligent friends like you people here. I love to read your ideas on the world around us.

This was an easy read, Ishmael, like much of your writing is for me, your prose is very good and the structured verse you employ seems well suited to your skill.

I won't apologise for other PNGians racist remarks about Bougainville people. They are just being stupid - and conveniently enough I blame that on the government too.

I believe many of us in PNG Attitude support you and Leonard Fong Roka in your literary battle for the independence of Bougainville.

The idea is valuable and the struggle for self-determination is fundamental to human society, who are we to stop it happening?

As for the politics on Bougainville and the drive for independence etcetera, it's also convenient for me to leave that as the business of the governments we have in place. Let's hope the fuckers earn their pay, eh?

But one friendly piece of advice I can offer is, don't let the haters and stupid-people who call you names spoil the good friendships that I am sure you do have with other 'redskins' like me.

If you allow that to happen, then you've already given in to their stupidity and may be on the path to losing the most important battle in your war for independence - the battle of your heart.

Yah, I am really proud of where I came from and who I am.

Just wish other places in PNG are like home where people respect others and not shout at them like a barking dog who doesn't know the normality of human behaviour.

Anyway thanks.

That is why as Bougainvilleans it is our responsibility and struggle to defend this identity and dignity God had created in the Solomons

Yes, Ishmael, be proud of who you are. They others are only jealous!

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