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19 March 2014


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Thank you Governor Juffa for your stand against evil, greed and corruption in public life.

Food for thought - who in the national parliament or the public service today does not have any business interests?

This question may provide the link to the increasing levels of corruption.

Actually Winfred Paki makes a good point and in hindsight, after re- reading my own article, it is rather odd sounding.

Well I wrote this as a comment rather then a post but PNG Attitude has been kind enough to post it as an item.

I re-read my post and realised that elemental mistake. Well there should be no anxiety and suspense, the Minister's response was that she wanted to meet the students at a convenient time but perhaps not in an open forum area and perhaps just the leaders.

This is promising but needs to happen. I asked that she keep an open mind in her effort and refrain from allowing the numerous individuals with vested interest to influence her but stick to the facts.

I would like to know why Mr Juffa tells us he spoke with the Minister but for some reason he cannot tell us what she said in reply? Odd!

I second that, Paul.

No problem can be effectively addressed unless the reasons why the problem exists are understood.

Official corruption is not just a PNG problem. It exists all over the world. However, wherever official corruption is constrained and limited there is a recognised and immutable set of circumstances.

Were children to be put in charge of the lolly shop there would be some inevitable results. Yet why do we expect adults to be any better? That's because we know that while adults are merely children with more experience and better training there is supposed to be an effective feedback loop to provide responsibility and accountability for actions taken. In other words, adults themselves must take responsibility for their own actions.

In PNG, the effective feedback loop to voters was never entirely set up. The PNG model of democracy was never allowed to be effectively tested prior to implementation. The system foisted on PNG at Independence was not understood by either those who did the 'foisting' or those who demanded to be in charge at the time.

No one listened to those who knew and had the best interests of PNG and her people at heart.

If the current system of government is broken and virtually was from the start, what could fix this broken system? In a modern democracy, comprehensive education and effective communications allow voters to understand what their elected government is doing (or not doing) on their behalf.

The media has a role in informing the public however much of today's media has been consumed by a desire to just make a profit and thus appeal to the masses (some may say delude the masses) with sensationalism and non lethal gladiatorial contests and tribalism thinly camouflaged with colorful sporting uniforms. Good news has become no news.

There is a big gap between what happens in Waigani and what the majority of the PNG people actually find out about. A five year gap between elections is also too long to hold those who have been elected, accountable for their actions.

The organs of government have become diseased and ineffective in ensuring the people's best interests are being followed. One could also observe, with organisations like BPP around to provide medicine, what hope is there?

There is an old adage that says: 'Together we stand, divided we fall.' Many know many others who have the right outlook and the right ethics to address the real problem. What it takes is effective leadership to pull all those who can and will fix the problem together.

Gary, we have followed your initiatives and heroic and ethical stands against what is patently wrong with the PNG government system and many government ministers. Maybe you need to start collecting other PNG people who have the same views as yourself and form your own political organisation?

That organisation would have to have an ethical base and a set of rules that all members must agree to a legally enforceable guarantee to adhere to even after being elected or be forced to resign.

Only by having an acceptable alternative can there be any real change to the current impasse.

Indeed the over-reaction and threats in regards of the peaceful UNITECH student demonstrations, have not been helpful to start a meaningful dialogue with all interested stakeholders, which in turn can lead to a consensual solution and end to the UNITECH saga.

A former UNITECH student made this cool song about corruption in PNG:

Yes, Gary, Yes!

But it is a spiritual battle when you are fighting the Devil and you need to put on the full armour of God.

I would like to hear more about the PNG churches standing up to all the evil bribery and corruption and lies and robbery that is going on amongst the people who have been given the responsibility to run PNG on behalf of the people.

Gary, don't give up. You are sitting there on the crossbenches able to see evil attacking both the Government and the Opposition.

I have a suspicion that the biggest problem is still "the love of money" winning over the "love of humanity". People are still willing to take bribes because they think they will not be caught.

Where is the ICAC? Has is been set up. It must have the power to investigate the bank accounts of all these people who are being so inhumane who have probably taken bribes. We must have a mechanism in PNG to expose bribery.

Who will set it up? If both the government and the opposition can't be trusted then PNG is doomed.

You spoke to Dr Puka Temu re the BPP scandal. I hear from the honest, long suffering doctors that he can no longer be trusted.

They believe that he has sold his soul to the devil and is not going to lose any sleep about a few tablets being fakes which cause people to die.

He is probably not going to lose any sleep over the fact that the medical kits are not reaching the remote rural health facilities and that there is no money in the health system for the doctors to do their daily work.

If the Minister for Health thinks he is a good bloke he needs to wake up to himself and start talking to the doctors. This BPP problem will not go away. It will only get worse.

And there will be people dying due to his wrong decisions. He will one day be held to account for their deaths, either because their aid post did not get any medical kits, or they took a fake tablet which meant that they died from their illness, or he created a situation where the doctor was not able to do his job of curing the sick.

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