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26 March 2014


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The timing of the visit of Tony Abbott was very suspicious. It was sudden and I think unplanned.

Did he come at the request of PM O'Neill? O'Neill just pulled off a very lucrative deal with Oil Search (an Australian company with head office in Australia providing employment and revenue for Australia!).

I do not think Tony Abbott was here for the Manus asylum, I think he was here to talk about the US$1.2 billion loan secretly. If Abbott was serious, he would have visited Manus on day one!

A few facts needed here, Harry. (1) The visit was planned - the media and the 'emerging leaders' were told about days in advance. (2) Oil Search is a PNG company with its head office in Moresby. (3) Abbott did not visit Manus (that would have been an embarrassment) - KJ

"We are not family, we a friends". PNGeans do not take this seriously.

Australians say one thing when they have your ears and say something else when you are gone. They are very smart. Melanesians are straightforward in our dealings.

To the so called emerging young leaders, have you heard of Australian interests? See Trukai, see AusAID, see Manus, see Oktedi, see Bougainville. They do not give a shit.

So let's stop thinking that Australia is our grandmother and stand on our two feet and analyse such statements as "we are family" and think smarter and strategically.

What a waste of tea!

Just like at Boston, only this time the government won.

It's a good thing they didn't meet for coffee and caramels.

(And what the hell is Justin doing in the background - saying grace?)

Never believe the smooth words of politicians. 'Family' huh?

So that's how you treat your family - like a TB patient in Daru hospital, or an old grandmother trying her best to get a visa to see her daughter in Australia, or smoothing the way for corrupt leaders to gain 457 visas and buy properties in North Queensland.

I've have had a lot more respect for Abbott if he'd bothered to spend a few days in Hagen or Banz or Lae or Kundiawa.

As Ray Davies said -

"Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we're tired of hearing promises that we know they'll never keep."


It is good to hear Tony Abbott saying that "we are not just friends, we are family." And to hear Serena using the "love" word.

Being part of a couple of families I know how hard it can be when "love" is not placed first when dealing with family matters.

I thought it was good when Sam Koim came down and asked the Australian Banking system to help him expose the PNG people moving large amounts of stolen money into their banks.

I thought it was good when Julie Bishop said "no" to backing the BPP move, as they did not have the ISO rating and were charging K20 million extra.

I thought it was good when, after Tiensten and Wartoto had not been able to repair Keravat NHS, despite having millions of Kina, AusAid quietly came in and did it.

As you know Emmanuel, there are plenty of wantoks in Australia and it is wonderful that Tony appears to be one too. Now he has to work out how we can really help you with your problems.

I hope that following on from this "afternoon tea" party there can be some good comprehensive discussion on "family matters".

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