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27 March 2014


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An interesting short revisit to the theme of greed at the macro level.

Despotism, Oppression, Tyranny:

Published on Apr 4, 2014
Alex dissects the greatest hoax of the century, "Man Made Global Warming" in this exclusive special report.

Contrary to major media reports, the Arctic & Antarctic ice sheets have seen record growth year after year. After blatantly lying to the public in the face of hard science, so called "experts" are now calling for a "crackdown" on climate change skeptics who dare to question the "consensus" that man made global warming is not man made.

Not only do they seek to tax us at every turn in the name of global warming, now too they seek to silence anyone that disagrees.

In the face of many real environmental threats such as genetic modification that damages our DNA, extreme over fishing and toxic waste dumping; the environmental movement has been hijacked in the name of Al Gore carbon taxes. In fact the single greatest threat to humanity across the ages is despotism and democide, but don't expect the government to tax itself any time soon.

A bit too macro, Robin. Let's not make the blog content too elastic - KJ

Greed is part of the human condition in every nation in the world. My own homeland, the USA, is certainly among the worst offenders, and I don't intend to debate which part of the world has the greediest.

We writers can oppose it with our books and our poetry, but writing is easily dismissed by the greedy.

As citizens, we can ignore it, seeking comfort in our beer and other amusements, but the greedy grow stronger when our attention is numbed.

'Raising consciousness' by whatever means of publicity has limited results unless accompanied by action to limit greed's effects.

Gary, you are in a position to influence changes in the mining practices, the re-forestation of timber lands, the education of the young, and protection of the helpless. May God guide your efforts.

This greed would be a certain type of greed probably found in many other similar developing countries after they have been first granted Independence from a colonial government.

It does seem to involve young slim men growing into very large men who are obviously very well fed and who love to dress up in suits and ties and shoes and socks etc.

They seem to have smiles on their faces all the time and wander around looking very important but one has the feeling that they haven't got much of a clue about what is going on.

An apocalyptic theme, Gary. Reminds me of "Noah" starring Russell Crowe.

Equally drawn from the historic narrative whereby the proclivities of man unbridled by restraint nor motivated by accountability to authority lead to destruction.

Great correlation here with John Kaupa Kamasua's narrative on ethics.

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