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29 March 2014


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Excellent work Gary.But still there's few hiding in the dark acting innocent.

For so long my people in Sohe area especially in Binadere are been ingnored and they are still suffering from lack of government services.Tamata LLG and Sohe administration need to be investigated.

Binadere people have potential in terms of resources. Changes need to take place in terms of Infrastructure development.

But been having all said, Gary, you are doing an excellent job than previous MPs would have done.

Great job Governor Juffa.

If you are able to influence other MPs to do likewise to corrupt public servants in their respective districts/provinces - or if they can learn from the Oro case - that will be great.

But I understand that such change will depend on whether the MP himself/herself is "clean" and genuine.

Congratulations Gary Juffa. PNG desperately needs people in positions of power who act honourably and honestly.

I can only hope that ordinary voters in your home province will reward you and others like you who seem determined to stamp out the endemic corruption that acts like a dead weight upon the whole PNG polity and economy.

Endemic corruption is an incredibly pernicious disease that simply kills the prospects for any country to achieve its full social and economic potential.

Wherever there are people and large amounts of money the temptation to steal and defraud becomes irresistible for some. This is true anywhere, be it PNG, Australia or the USA.

The only proven solution is relentless vigilance and stern, even severe, punishment for offenders. Eventually, after enough people are publicly shamed, forced to pay restitution where ever possible and imprisoned for lengthy periods, will the problem be reduced to an irreducible minimum.

You have taken an important step down what is likely to be a long and hard road. For the sake of your province and for PNG, I sincerely hope that you will recruit many others to continue the journey with you.

Well done Gary Juffa.

When I was a kid I thought that public servants who we're defrauding and stealing from the state must be like those dark characters portrayed in some movies.

But then when I entered the adult world and public service I found out that these crooks who were thieving from the public purse were behaving like little children with their hands on the cookie jar.

They know it's wrong, they know the law, they know they could get caught and go to jail, so they form groups to protect themselves. When one of their members gets a 'laki sans' he/she shares some with the others so that they get a piece and keep it secret.

This is the real truth about how money gets stolen from public accounts.

Well done Gary. Public servants placed in positions of trust must show honesty when dealing with public monies. Stealing gets no one anywhere in life except to the prisons.

All other MPs must follow your example by cleaning up their public service and ridding them of fraud and corruption. MPs themselves also must show good examples for their public servants to follow.

This is wonderful news. I've been writing about the need for auditors for many years.

Uneducated people with no understanding of "correct procedures" have been given responsibity for handling large sums of money. There have not been enough auditors doing their jobs properly and people have got away with fraud. If one person gets away with it others will follow and soon "everybody is doing it".

Congratulations to Gary Juffa and the people who are helping him to sort out the fraud problems in Oro Province. I hope similar fraud reduction will take place in all provinces.

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