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28 March 2014


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The National Newspapers front page must have had some giddy with excitement.

What printed excrement!

If you call a spade a spade when you see one, then when you see an arse-wipe...

Today's front page of The National has "Saulep leads Unitech Council".

That is a development in which some may be interested.

PNG corruption has no way one will stop it. Its leaders so howl with personal interest and under the table deals without any long term strategic road map for advancement.

Albert, I hope you will soon be back at Unitech sorting out all these many problems "on the smell of an oily rag". I know there are some great people at Unitech - ex-Keravat students of mine, who have corresponded with me over the years via email. Naturally in recent times they have not been receiving my emails but I think they are still there hoping that one day Unitech will have someone in charge that can solve all their problems.

I was happy to see that you had worked in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean in sustainable development policy and environmental economics. I'm sure with a bit of lateral thinking and self-help projects a lot of the problems at Unitech can be solved.

A bunch of technically inclined staff members should be able to solve these technical problems. I suggest you call on the alumni for help. There are some living in Lae who have the talents and I'm sure could be rallied into helping their old university.

Lae is developing secondary industries and surely there are entrepreneurs around who could financially add some support to your funds.

I've heard from my ex-students that are involved with the Appropriate Technology and Community Development Institute- ATCDI - the community based arm of Unitech.

As you would know it is a technical research department that investigates suitable and appropriate technologies, techniques and methods in the areas of Water Supply Installations, Renewable Energy, Small Industries and Food Technology, for the improvement of living standards in rural communities.

They also have a publication centre that collates and publishes their research work. They do a lot of community projects in remote areas and urban areas and had five research engineers working on various projects.

As a Food Technologist, my ex-student's duty is to research the most appropriate food processing technology and preservation techniques, including packaging and quality assurance parameters, that can be best applied on fresh produce, whether of plant, animal or marine origin, to ensure that the end product’s shelf life can be extended for longer periods without spoilage.

In addition, sensory quality, hygiene safety and nutritional values must be intact during storage, transportation and eventual consummation. At times he facilitates Food Processing and Income Generation training and feasibility studies for new ventures.

The program also focuses on Sanitation and Cleanliness thus training in soap making, shampoo and other cleaning products is also conducted. The program aims to alleviate some of the problems of the rural communities of PNG. Sadly many of their projects are halted due to lack of funding.

Albert, I hope Unitech will start a new chapter under your direction. I hope you will be able to help the staff and students in their efforts to create sustainable development in PNG.

All praise should go to UNITECH Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan, the united staff organisations, the SRC leadership, and the students all.

We are writing a new chapter in the history of UNITECH, where together we will transform it, and make it live up to the promise contained in its mission.

"Papua New Guinea University of Technology’s exiled VC fights to return" (Times Higher Education 27 March 2014) -

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