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21 March 2014


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I think what you are trying to say Michael is - we all live in the gray. And I agree. We all live in the shadows.

But as Christians our God is the God of Light - the Light of the world. In Him is no darkness at all.

As Christians we should aim to walk with our Risen Lord, with His Holy Spirit. When we do we walk in the light.

I'm sorry I couldn't see any sense in "Corrupting corruption".

I feel sorry for PNG people who are thrown in to top jobs, Heads of Government departments, members of parliaemnt, where they have to handle large sums of money.

They have been brought up to think of their family first and they may feel that it is OK to take some of this money which they are handling and use it in some way for their family or their business which supports their family.

But sadly that it not the way things work in the new world of PNG. They are given the responsibility of handling these large sums of money and using them for the good of everyone in PNG. For doing that job they will be paid a salary.

Maybe the salary is not high enough to cover their costs of living in Moresby. Maybe they need a higher salary to stop them from stealing government money.

The other problem I hear about is the bribery. It is alleged that many members of parliament and Department Heads are being bribed by large companies to make decisions in favour of those companies.

Maybe they feel it would be wrong for them to knock back these bribes as their extended family is desparate for money. Maybe they were going to choose that company in any case so if they are given gifts at the same time then that is not bribery, it is just an honest gift. But is it?

So when people say they were not bribed ( they just got lucky with some gifts) I can see how one could become confused with what is the truth and what is the lie. So the act of bribery needs to be spelt out clearly for all Department Heads and all politicians.

Once the ICAC gets under-way it can set some precedents - court cases where bribery can be fully explained.

You are right "deception is withholding the truth" but people will try to "twist the truth". But the Truth still exists and a Christian will have a conscience that will tell them when they have erred from the truth.

I could go on and on but I still stand by what I said. Our God is the God of Truth and Satan is the Father of all lies.

Hi Barbara - I'm thinking about what you said about Truth and Lies and how, in application, at least in politics, there is so often no clear distinction.

We argue for better political leadership and better implementation of government plans. We suspect that corruption is 'alive and at liberty' throughout government.

And yet politicians and proponents of government come out to say that they support our calls for less corrupt government. In fact, the government has almost unanimously passed the ICAC Bill.

So is it really about Lies?

We all may appreciate that being honest (i.e. not lying) does not entail telling the truth all the times. Who does this? (Tell us their names because the world needs to know them!)

Rather, in practice, we adhere to the judicious application of speaking the truth. In other words, what we say may be important, but how and when we say it is just as critical.

We generally agree that Integrity is a measure of how much what we say, matches up with what we actually do. (What we think, well that’s out of the question because it’s more of a psychological/spiritual aspect of our honesty to ourselves.)

If that is our definition of integrity, then we can also say that people of integrity have more skill in the judicious application of truth-speaking.

So, I think about the opposite, or perhaps the darker shade of our practice of truth-speaking, of being honest, or as some may argue not lying; our antithesis.

I conclude that the problem with our political leadership is that is their philosophy, their strategy, is based on Deception. And this is not exactly the same as lying.

Surprisingly, Vagi & Namorong's "corrupting corruption" comes close to this Truth, methinks. Their strategy is formed along the same line of reasoning, albeit for good intention.

Perhaps we are yet to see a good outcome from a good intention that had its roots in deceit.

But I would argue that walking a parallel path of deception is ‘tricky’ task (that’s slightly circumlocutory, but work with me) at the outset, and not one that should be maintained as a single strategy.

At best, it allows its proponents access into the world of deceit, from which a longer and windier path may unwittingly eventuate.

Let me clarify, “corrupting corruption” in my mind, proposes that we ‘apply the judicious use of deceit’.

The skill of our political leaders is in deceit.

It is a skill based on their principals of survival (also outlined here:

Deceit and deception is about Withholding the Truth;

It is about Misleading the Seekers of Truth;

It is about Misdirection, actively taking our hand on the proverbial trail of bread crumbs;

It is about Denying Knowledge or Claiming Ignorance, after the fact;

It is about 'Innocence by Association' or Forming Alibi's with The Good Folk;

It is about Speaking the Truth When the Time is Right;

It is, I submit to you, a lot more complex than mere Lies.

It is the difference between black & white and the entire electromagnetic spectrum which gives us colour.

Our lives are captured within the prism of political innuendo and deceit.

We are coloured by this deception.

We are being made monkeys of;

If we would throw a spanner in the works, maybe we need a better monkey.

PNG need a dozen more leaders in the likes of Gary Juffa to save this country that is dancing along a street of broken bottles

I agree with you Barbara. Corruption is a disease, and this generation is a generation bred to resist that disease.

However, it will take integration of many systems to control it. Because it will or is already mutating (i.e., that's when it's fighting back).

It may be difficult to eradicate but at least minimised. I like the piece of writing posted by Martyn Namorong on the philosophy of "corrupting corruption" some time ago.

Yes, the students at Unitech are fighting to end corruption at Unitech and fighting to improve Unitech.

Back in 1981 the Keravat students were fighting to end the activities of the pedophiles in the education system at that time. But sadly they damaged the buildings and damaged their HSC levels in the process.

But the Ombudsman was called in, the parliament discussed the issue and something was done to get rid of any suspected as being pedophiles.

As Christians we know our God is a God of Truth and Satan is the Father of all Lies. As Christians we must stand up for the Truth at all times.

There is said to have been some big lies and robbery of university funds in the past in Unitech. These will have to be exposed.

Maybe the new ICAC could be asked to investigate them.

I hope that all concerned, on both sides, will now start to work towards getting the students back into class. The parliament must see that they are responsible for ending this strike and they must set a process in motion that can solve all the problems at Unitech.

There has been too much procrastination and nobody willing to step in and take the responsibility for it all and end the strike.

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