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07 March 2014


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Bernard, I think this corruption can be minimised. But it needs processes that are incorruptible, strict rules on how money is handled, checks, auditors, people held accountable for missing money, a talented police force, a clever ombudsman with plenty of office-staff, and an ICAC full of clever lawyers who can expose the corruption, plenty of investigative journalists who can also expose any corruption in the newspapers and on the TV and radio, an educated population who know the rules and can see that the public servants and politicians are abiding by them, and a strong legal system that is respected by the whole country and includes honest lawyers, especially judges, who are willing to speak out about the wrong things that are taking place.

Welcome, Dr Sepoe, my mentor and lecturer at UPNG.

Fighting corruption lies in understanding human nature. Whether you are a leader at the apex of our society or a buai seller on the street we all have to survive. In order to survive, we do things that sometimes are unethical and immoral.

So this dialectical battle of corrupt versus not corrupt will never end. Unless all human beings are clone to behave in a particular way.

Interesting concept. In the crowd to be against it.

Principal of no principal?

A wolf in sheeples clothing?

Martyn, I enjoy reading your writings, including this piece. One can understand why corruption and political leadership are inextricably linked and of great interest to us.

Let me point out that your writings demonstrate the immense potential of a PNG CITIZEN (my emphasis) and that's where I believe PNG needs to place its priority - developing our people to become good/patriotic/responsible citizens.

This is often overlooked in public discourse. After all, leaders are only a minority - the rest of us will have to do our best as citizens to rid/reduce corruption - if not 'from within' - wherever we are, at all levels of society. and public life.

Great piece Martyn, like the concept of "corrupting corruption". Simply put if you can't beat them then join 'em but then beat them from within!

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