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28 March 2014


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Short, it is not a lost cause in Bougainville.

Political setbacks Bougainville faces today is all piled in the cause, a classical example is the Panguna issue and failure of the Third Pillar of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The few voices you hear preaching humanistic thinking are unknown in the midst of the majority Bougainville so called 'illiterate' populace that still have the power over Bougainville.

In Australia where you are already advanced, my cause is a lost cause. But this cause is not dead, if you know why Africans suffer wars or why the Ukraine crisis is boiling, my cause is still alive.

As a Bougainvillean I am looking at one aspect of the article entitled Globalization by Anthony Giddens who I admire his works and other views by African great thinkers like Francis M Deng.

We cannot sit and accept the world as it is but put ideas forward on how we think the world should be.

Sorry Leonard, I think you are fighting a lost cause. The world is becoming a smaller place. Protectionism is now seen as a bad policy. We have to study what is going on in the whole world and see how we can contribute.

In Australia we are closing down many manufacturing industries and buying cheaper imported products. The young people now have to train in IT or Finance or Education or Agri-Business or Tourism etc i.e things that we can supply to the world. We live in a Global Economy.

You are asking Bougainville people to cut themselves off from the world and I think there are many well educated Bougainville people who would not like to go down that backward path.

You sound like you have become arrogant and think your way of seeing things in the only way, your likes in music should be everyone's likes. Just because you have a very dark skin colour though you come from a mixed marriage doesn't allow you to judge people according to their skin colour. In Australia your statements would go against the Racial Discrimination Act.

I know you want to save Bougainville culture and I'm sure there are ways you can go about doing that. But you cannot expect everyone to want to be involved. Many of your comments go against the basic rules of democracy.

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