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26 March 2014


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Ogoi - I recorded my Bougainville story in the my recent book, Brokenville, and you can do it by expanding this story further.

Thank you all for your heartfelt comments, Leonard, Barbara, Gary, Robby, Michael and Maureen.

I still think of my beloved father, as the last day I saw him. He never grew old to me.

God bless you all. Robby, thank you for your close interest in my family. God bless you all.

Marlene, you are a strong woman.

To begin your story by saying God is our only judge, tells of your choice to not let anger or hurt control your being, something that can be very difficult to do.

Your past comments also show you would choose forgiveness and strive for peace for your homeland.

Only an emotionally strong person can do that. Thank you for sharing your sad story.

Thank you Marlene for sharing this very personal story. It is so sad that these things happened. But it is very courageous of you and others to write these life stories.

There is good interest to publish life stories by PNG writers and I believe yourself, Leonard Fong Roka and Ishmael Palipal are the right group to gather these stories from your people.

We can discuss this by email if you all are interested.

Thank you Marlene for this piece. I can attest to your story as I was there after your father, the late Chief Potoura, was brutally murdered down at the bridge.

I was quite devastated and emotional when your brother was telling me the story as he and his small brother were forced to watch the murderers killed their father.

“What odious and immorally loathsome bastards were the murderers”, I thought during that time of the telling of the story.

Thank you Marlene again, and your people (especially uncles and your two brothers), for providing for us during our time there and during the first time we came up the river from the beach to your place.

That was quite an endurance test, fighting through just to get to your village.

And thank God for the protection He provided upon all of us through those blazing moments. I still treasure those times there in your beautiful village and wow what a beautiful people you are.

Keep writing as I'm a keen follower of your editorials.

Never stop writing, recording your experiences and thoughts, it is such efforts that will enable the future generations to understand what happened and what lessons can be learnt.

Keep up the great effort. Write, write and then write some more!

Thank you Marlene for sharing this tragic personal story. I'm sure that the telling of stories like this will help the people of Bougainville to understand what went wrong during the Bougainville war.
God bless you and your family as you come to terms with what happened and forgive the people who killed your father. You were very brave.

Thanks Marlene. Many of the stories still yet to be told by the very people of Bougainville for the world to see the fruits they had long invested on by exploiting, indoctrinating and subjecting Bougainville and Bougainvilleans since the colonial era.

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