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05 March 2014


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Hi Leonard - I happen to find myself in a privileged position interacting with students from all over the country including Bougainville on a daily basis.

I treat them all the same and take each of them seriously on their own merits. Can we all not adopt a similar approach when we are writing?

Please remember that not all light skin on this side were responsible for and got involved in the "exploitation" - I still don't know that this means.

As writers, let's try to elevate and celebrate humanity, find common ground and maintain a certain stance of neutrality, because otherwise we might descend into polarising opinions and create feelings that are not very healthy.

Importantly, let's ask ourselves as writers why we engage in the art of writing all?

Leonard - you are forgeting Jimmy Drekore, Francis Nii, Lapieh Landu and Emma Wakpi.

Think again my friend.

Besides we have only just begun to write our stories again.

So, if Bougainville writers like yourself and Ishmael Palipal have taken a lead then be proud of that and use it as an example to encourage, rather than to denigrate your fellow writers who while they do not share your experiences - terrible or joyous - do have their own experiences to commit to writing.

Apart from us Solomon islanders of Bougainville who had long faced exploitation from PNG and a war ignited by that exploitation, there is no PNG man or woman that tries to celebrate his or her province since they think PNG.

Thinking PNG is killing your backyard strength and inspiration. A household coconut broom, works effectively and efficiently, with a combine strength of independent and strong frond spines.

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