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22 March 2014


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To dismiss everyone searching for a better life, fleeing persecution and claiming they are economic refugees is truly an idiotic statement by people who have very little consideration to the plight of people in these countries - most of whom have been bombed or torn apart by western intrusion anyway

Onya Keith! Nauru and Manus are absolute abominations and abject examples of the very worst in Oz racism and xenophobia I have seen in my three score years and ten.

And this intellectual dwarf is our elected prime minister? God help us!

Where are the men and women of vision and perspicacity who may guide us through this quagmire of a century typified by a predominance of self-interest and turning a fast buck regardless of the consequences for now and the future?

Certainly not on Abbott's front bench. And nor I suspect on the Opposition benches either.

Sometimes I despair.

Fr Giorgio - Few Chinese working at Ramu speak English.

I heard some managers once talking at Madang to an Australian consultant and they needed an interpreter. They were complaining about the food. They had to bring in chefs from China.

And they even import their own prostitutes. Apparently the PNG supply wasn't good enough.

Hard to believe that people coming from Irak, Afghanistan or even Iran and Sri Lanka are simple economic refugees.

Then as far as PNG is concerned, either these people have a chance in big projects such as LNG or the mining sector, otherwise what are they really going to do?

But will the companies hire them? And are they ready to get down to work next Monday after they are declared genuine refugees? Do they know English? Apparently those who testified at the Cannings hearings needed an interpreter.

And what about reuniting with the families? There are only men at Manus. It seems that the women and children are in Nauru or at Christmas Island or back home.

And has the UN nothing to do and nothing to say in the saga?

Are our leaders aware of the fact that they are dealing with humans; and as such they have feelings, fear, and a shattered past?

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