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27 March 2014


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'Swift' visa services, very nice, I'm sure that means convenient too.

Swift and Djoko Tjandra or Eremas Wartoto...maybe crime doesn't pay, it travels instead!

And how does this new visa arrangement help us stop arsewipes spending their proceeds of crime?

Or maybe I'm naive.

Thank you, Tony Abbot:

It is impossible to have a prosperous society nor a peaceful one, when leaders at all levels of government continue to conspire and connive, cheat and mislead, mismanage and deny their own people of their democratic rights and the full benefits of their countries natural resources and economic assets.

It is poor leadership that allows a nation to decay into poverty when it is so overwhelmingly bestowed with natural resources.

It is poor leadership that will result in dissatisfaction among its citizens, potentially developing into civil unrest.

Peace and prosperity depend on fit and proper leadership.

If this country goes down the drain, it will be because our leaders screwed the economy one too many times.

It's the economy bitches!

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