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18 February 2014


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The absence of sound reasoning and the ignorance of the ISO standards, plus further still the ignorance of advise from
your national professional medical practitioners goes to show that the Health minister of PNG has probably ate the bait already and the hook is stuck fast it cannot be removed.

His replies to these issues on the floor of Parliament aren't making sense any more.

People of PNG must know why straightforward decisions like this cannot be made for the good of the people. For example, was there no proof reading done before tenders were

You cannot amend a tender requirement at the last minute to suit a company that didn't have a particular requirement to win.That in itself is fraud.

Why were the other companies that bid initially, ticking all boxes at lesser cost, dropped? Looks like this can only be done in PNG?

Seven plus million PNG lives are in the hands of this man.

It is good that Gary Juffa is willing to point out the way the tender process for the pharmaceuticals was completely flawed.

The Tenders Control Board changed the requirements at the last minute and said it had to be a local company.

But there was no local company with the ISO standards so they altered the rules and said "Maski the ISO." anything so that BPP could have the contract - and their tender was many millions higher than a good ISO rated company.

Naturally it sounds very suspicious and the educated people are crying "corruption".

But to me the main problem is that the Minister says "We will not change our minds... etc" and he won't listen to the doctors including Prof. Glen Mola who is busy reminding him that he is wasting the people's money as well as continuing the "faulty pill" problem.

I know who I would call the "faulty pill"!

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