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09 February 2014


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Well written and very reminiscent of my young days. Joseph was me during my time at Sogeri National High School a long time back - in 1978.

I always wondered what it might be like if I had ventured on to the dance floor to dance with her. I feared, because she was as beautiful and black as the night.

Unfortunately I got her name wrong at the one time I enquired after her. I was pointed to a wrong one and feared my ignorance.

I kept that yellowing note and flower that she somehow stuck into the English notebook I left on one of the desks in the library.

My Gloria did not leave a writing but the morning glory petal and the stick-on heart label was all there was to it for me to remember that I might have got her love if I was daring.

Instead I kicked myself for being the coward and weakling I was then. I called her Gloria thereafter.

Unfortunately for me and also unfortunately for her, thinking that I spurned her, she found herself a beater and did not fare well.

And yeah if her name is Gloria or otherwise and she thinks she is this one and if she reads this, she ought to know that I kept her morning glory and the lovely red heart in the old English subject notebook until last year when one of my daughters burnt a couple of my old exercise books and with them the notebook.

She did not know the story about the dried up and sticky taped flower and the the faint red heart at the back of the 'lauto' book.

Thank you Barbara. I don't think staff wrote that. I lived that and could have written that myself. Unfortunately, I went to the good old Sogeri school.

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