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19 February 2014


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Gentlemen and the RPNGC's internal affairs?

Thats really fascinating, do the police really know the definition of Police!

Because everyone who are working in various sectors know the definition of their job.

Please people use some common sense. Do something that must leave a legacy.

Maureen, I heard a police constable is currently better paid than a high school teacher and Grade 12 officers in the public service.

There is no excuse for bending the laws to make huge gains when others live on a pittance.

I agree with Seth that a special unit must be created within the police force to curb these rogue and bent coppers in the police force.

Police will need to create a special squad to deal with its own officers who abused their powers in carrying out constitutional duties. The squad will comprised high ranking officers of Chief Superintendent and above. Their specific task is to look into this corrupted networking between rouge police personals and deal with them sternly.

Sad to see the official first responders ignore the victim or the person who appears hurt in this situation, then tell bystanders to delete pictures taken (what do you have to hide if you're doing your work professionally in a public place?) and eventually accept food in plain view of all watching. Something is not quite right here.

To swear at the crowd who happen to be your countrymen? Generally one will try to help his/her own kind. If one is a law enforcement agent, at least try to be fair. Fair to the Tari bloke as a citizen and fair to the Chinese as a storekeeper in Taurama.

I can only conclude the law enforcers are caught in the middle of principle (their code of conduct) and corrupt practices (taking into account "gifts") that easily compromise work ethics.

Corrupt practices will eventually bring a person, a company or a country to ruin. It is a tough situation to be in especially when one is a law enforcer and is underpaid but that is no excuse for the actions of the police reported here.

I believe such a spotlight is when one shows his/ her true colours and is an opportunity to show the Chinese storekeeper, the Tari man, Taurama, Port Moresby and the world what a true policeman is made of.

That was a fascinating account of a disturbing incident and the situation re Chinese trade store owners..

When I returned to Popondetta in 2001, I couldn't get over the number of Chinese-owned stores and the owners who could hardly speak pidgin.

Friends and ex students said that a lot of the Chinese were illegal residents but I have no way to substantiate that view.

A Chinese trade store owner was hacked to death while we were there so there were obviously some issues...possibly cultural as Barbara Short suggests...but a little deeper than that.

My memories of Popondetta, New Ireland , Rabaul and Port Moresby in the 1970s and 80s are so different in regard to the Chinese and trade stores.

The Chinese are wonderful people and have an incredible history in PNG and I find this current situation quite disturbing.

Who has the answers? Corruption seems to be rearing its ugly head again.

Sil - you've probably seen Chinese-owned kai shops across PNG.

I worked in Honiara for a while and remember walking into a trade store to buy some food. I selected a few goods and offered the money to the shop assistant behind the counter.

She said "No you must go to him with money!" and pointed to the Chinese proprietor sitting on a tall stool next to the door. He controlled all the money and the people entering or exiting the store and she looked rather scared.

I duly paid and left. But asked some of my Solomon's friends afterwards what this was all about. They said (paraphrase) 'these new Chinese don't trust us. They control all the money, speak little tok pisin. We are not allowed to touch money.'

Sad but true.

Rose has had similar experiences in Port Moresby. She bought a sandwich once at such a store, and on opening it it found maggots. She took it back (as you would) and complained to the Chinese manager. He started berating her, saying - 'you bought it! No money back!'

It was only the intervention of a few good Simbu wantoks that persuaded him that discretion was the better part of valour, and she got a refund.

Seems they have employed a few stand-over men to help protect their business model.

The Solomon's people were adamant that this was the behaviour of the 'new Chinese', not the old ones who had lived there for many years and whom they trusted. Thus the corrupt few were the ones targeted in the uprising of 2006.

A few years ago you could see the burnt remains of the 'new Chinese' businesses. in Honiara The last straw was apparently the granting of permission for a casino-cum-brothel on the waterfront - permission granted by the relevant Minister with no planning permission but with lots of Li Wu, and it was the first building to be burnt.

How pathetic some Papua New Guineans are - cheepo whores and pushover arse-wipes in their own country. What a joke they are!

Sil, thank you for this story. It explains a lot about the situation in PNG at the moment.
I'm sure it has happened in other countries, in other times and other places.
PNG has to work out its own ways to solve this sort of problem which appears to be due to a clash of cultures and the lack of a common language.

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