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09 February 2014


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Jimmy a sad poem.

Aye, Jimmy I feel you. But perhaps it is we who must no longer look to our politicians and corrupted bigmen for leadership.

The Southern Cross will continue to shine for us. The Bird of Paradise will fly through the jungle canopy, wild and willful and free.

Children will take up guns only if their families have lost them. We must not lose them.

Our children, our people do not belong to the politicians; they belong to us.

You know this my friend and I hope that you will continue this poetic tribute.

It surely is a sad state of affairs. When will they wake up? Not too late I hope. I feel sorry for you Jimmy and everyone else that thinks like you.

Thank you Jimmy for this very sad poem. It brought tears to my eyes.

But surely it is not too late to stop it. Surely it is not too late to stop the clear-felling and return to the selective logging.

Surely the mining companies can be made to return the environment back to some form where the people can once again resume their livelihood.

Surely the mining companies can be forced to look after the streams and not dump their waste in the ocean.

Surely the "big bossy boys" who have been elected to the parliament must wake up soon and realize what they are doing - raping the land.

Or, as I said previously, being willing to sell their soul for a house in Cairns.

Cairns may be a lovely place but it is nowhere as beautiful as PNG. On my first visit to Kuranda I commented to my Cairns friend "do you call that a rainforest?"

When will they ever learn?

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