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11 February 2014


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Oh ye of little faith.

I'm busy trying to get the ex-Brandi students on the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook start to get themselves organised so they can rebuild Brandi High School which is now in a very run-down state.

People Power! That's what PNG needs. You are a great mob of people. The love of money has been the ruin of many. Let the poor people start to speak out and get things done.

Excuse my spelling mistakes. They tell me I've got glaucoma now - but I've started taking the drops which I trust will help me retain my eyesight. Glad I don't live in PNG at the moment and have to buy dodgy pharmaceuticals.

There's about as much chance of Peter O'Neill stepping aside as PM and Belden Namah revealing his finances as there is with the government stopping the SABL's.

Is it just procrastination, or is it something more sinister, corruption, bribery etc. ?
Whatever it is, it is wrong!
A good leader would act decisively. I'm sure O'Neill would like to be remembered as a good leader. But, taking five months to do something which he says he is "going to do" is a bit much! He will be remembered as the man who promised so much but delivered so little.

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